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This is just a heads-up to anyone who hasn't realised this or who maybe isn't up at 7.30am: Veronica Mars, one of the great brilliant-but-canceled american tv shows, is currently airing at 7.20am on E4 with a repeat at 11am. This of course means it is at 8.20 and 12am on E4+1.

It's currently on the first (and best) season, yay. As a show it had its problems, not least sometimes going to pieces plotwise, especially at the end of the second season, and not bringing it quite so much in the third season, during which it was cancelled. But! It was, at its best, so, so well written - smart, funny, original, a whole bundle of good things. Characters! Conflicts! Snark! One of the best father-daughter dynamics ever seen on tv! Also, no lie, it got me through my maths A-level. Me and some friends would literally alternate maths practice papers and Veronica Mars episodes.

Basic outline: Veronica Mars, the title character, is a 17-yr-old high school student in the (fictional) California town of Neptune whose father is a private detective. As she puts in, in Neptune, your parents are either millionaires, or they work for millionaires. A year before the show starts, she was one of the in-crowd, a friend of the super-rich kids, and her dad was the chief of police. That changed when her best friend Lilly Kane was murdered and Veronica's dad accused her father, a software billionaire, of being involved somehow. The Mars family were ostracised, Keith Mars lost his job, things got tough, Veronica's mother left. Veronica's friends and boyfriend turned on her. At the beginning of the series she's a detective in the Raymond Chandler archetype. (The essay linked, 'The Simple Art Of Murder', is a famous one and worth reading if you have any interest at all in detective stories; the part I am thinking of is the last big paragraph.) 

The show follows Veronica's efforts to find Lilly's real killer and the cases she takes on herself. (The obvious point of comparison is probably Buffy - deceptively tiny blonde girl fights... stuff, smart dialogue ensues.) Sometimes she gets it wrong! Sometimes by getting it right the wrong thing happens. Much of the time there is UST. I don't really know how much the fandom ever took off, but should you so wish it, there are a plethora of plausible ships - het, slash, femslash. (There's a brief overview of the show and characters here.)

On rereading this, I am worried it sounds a bit dark for early morning entertainment. Don't worry! It is funny! The colour schemes are bright! The characters are engaging! It will be okay.
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I am officially gayed out. Literally. I can see no gay any more. I just watched the new season 3 Veronica Mars episode, and there was at one point what [profile] robin1618 described as 'rampant hoyay', and I saw it, and I didn't think it was slashy at all. There were many, many elements of the scene which should have added up to the gayest thing that ever gayed- but no. I am unmoved. Soon I will only be reading gen.

(This is what happens when you watch Queer As Folk UK and Bent and Brokeback Mountain, as well as that random movie where Bradley Cooper has sex with some guy, all over the same three- or four-day period. Just- no. I feel so apathetic and uninterested! I actually do not care! The last thing I want to see right now is slash! Or touchtyping. Slash and touchtyping, never again!)

My non-spoilery reactions, because I am lazy with the lj cuts: The show is back on track. For the win. Mac is awesome and I love her. Veronica and co. do thir stuff so smoothly now. Broccoli test totally passed. Wallace continues to be the most unslashable character in the history of the world, even accounting for my current condition. His roommate? I like him. The end.


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