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1. The debut EP from The Marauders (aka [profile] strangeumbrella & co) has landed! If you like ukuleles, and people from the internet, and cover versions, then this is the perfect synthesis! If you don't like ukuleles, people from the internet, and cover versions - even Pretty Darn Awesome cover versions - then The Marauders EP is clearly the only cure. Here is their myspace. May it bring you joy.

2. The lecture was really called 'Runic Inscriptions and Queer Theory', and was all about how instead of being bigoted and rejecting any rune stone that deviated from 'normal', we should all accept and enfold in our hearts the queer, deviant, homosexual rune stones. Also there was a guy called Atti and a guy called Etti and they were in love and one of them died and the other put up a memorial rune stone in Varinge in Sweden, only they were freed slaves and so didn't have much money so the rune stone was carved by someone who really wasn't that good . But it was made with love. It is a tragic tale of love and heartbreak. I want dibs on the movie rights. It will be as if Ingmar Bergman made Brokeback Mountain.

3. There is a song. It is called 'Song 4 Kylie (I'm In Love With A Girl In A Time Machine)'. It is one part Goldfrapp, one part Doctor Who, and fifteen parts AWESOME. It is by - wait for it - the Fast Ood Rockers. Christmas number one material if I ever saw it. Join the Facebook group.
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Yesterday was what I think would properly be termed A Pile Of Awesome. I went to the innocent village fete, with [profile] immoralilly was staying with me over the weekend, and met [personal profile] rionaleonhart and [profile] gayjunglefever and [profile] strangeumbrella, who are all awesome. Also, it seems like mostly I haven't been LJ friends with people until I meet them in real life, so it was really quite nice to meet [personal profile] rionaleonhart and [profile] gayjunglefever , both of whom I have sort of known of AS IF FROM LEGEND for what seems like forever. I randomly stuck out my hand in a kind of "Oh my god, you're a person! On the internet!" kind of gesture, which somehow became shaking hands.

I think I talked about ukuleles more yesterday than ever before in my life. This is, I think, a good thing. There is nothing better than sitting behind (or maybe only near) the Girl Guide tent and the Longest Bunting In The World tent, with a ukulele, and maybe occasionally making malcoordinated attempts at clapping along to Beatles songs (me) or playing Actual Music On The Ukulele ([profile] strangeumbrella)  and talking about The Gay.

It was just an immensely lovely day spent with immensely lovely people. I have photos. Or rather, [profile] immoralilly has photos, and I will get them from her, and that will probably be the friendslocked portion of your entertainment.


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