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- Remember THAT Torchwood casting spoiler? Yes? No? Maybe? Whatever the case, WE HAS A PICTURE. OH YES. Also, WE NOW KNOW SAID GUEST APPEARANCE WILL INVOLVE GAY.

- I went searching for Epipleptic Bicycle scans, to little avail, but I found something So. Much. Better. Behold! The entire thing on youtube! Read out loud by a person and everything! And other Edward Gorey books have been done, too! The reader's accent slips up a couple of times, but really, it's all good.

- Remember how book-to-movie adaptations can make people very distressed? Well, there's an adaptation of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi (a graphic novel based on her own experiences growing up in Iran in the 70s and 80s) about which I'm hopeful. Yes, the author is making it herself, which is one way of ensuring creative control. Her very distinct visual style (fairly stark black-and-white) seems to be remaining mostly intact, and there's a pretty cool voice cast lined up for the English release. And look, it won at Cannes.

I fangirl Marjane Satrapi madly, really. This is no secret.

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Wolfgang Tillmans is a photographer. I think he's amazing, and I only realised the other day that he was the one who wrote this essay on male and female nudity and what constitutes obscenity, a couple of years ago when Franz Ferdinand guest-edited the Guardian. I liked it so much that I kept that day's paper, and I think still have it.

I sort of think maybe everyone's seen these: hideously bad album covers. But oh, they make me happy. Ditto for these heartbreaking works of staggering genius.

Tarantino explains the homoerotic subtext of Top Gun. Really.

I bought The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh in San Francisco airport, and read it during my first few days in the USA, and loved it. When we were in Pittsburgh, me and [profile] immoralilly (who I lent it to and who loved it even more than I did) went to find the Lost Neighbourhood and the Cloud Factory because of it:
And I was initially glad that there's a film adaptation in the works, and that Peter Sarsgaard had been cast as Cleveland. Only then I discovered that Arthur Lecomte, who is not only sexy and delicious but is also one of the three main characters, had been cut out entirely. Odd, I thought. Also upsetting. This script review from Film Ick pretty much confirms what I thought: Phlox's character is being superimposed on Jane's, Arthur's on Cleveland; there are good things in the script, there are bad things, but what's been cut out seems irreparable.

Finally, two mild shocks:

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Thing 1: If you have not yet seen the last two eps of Torchwood, YOU NEED TO DO SO. RIGHT NOW. Especially the one called Captain Jack Harkness aka episode 12, because, I swear, that was the best episode of the entire season (and not just for the obvious and happymaking reason, which people who have seen it will know well)

Thing 2: The Green Wing special completely and utterly restored my faith. *HEART ESSPLODES*

Thing 3: Er, Casino Royale kind of rocks, too. *is late to everything*

Thing 4: dear robin, I just got your christmas card literally just now, and it made me laugh, and I said to my parents "It is very funny and you cannot read it ever!" and my parents were all, "Oh, okay." That is all.


Oct. 26th, 2006 03:35 pm
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Today is the day of immense spoilers that rock my world, so, er, probably your reaction will be "eat it over the sink and don't get any of it on me, okay?" But anyway.

Plus, some OMG WOW casting news re: Sylar on Heroes. No, seriously. I am just YAY HAPPY about this. It's amazing.
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Oh yeah. Torchwood.

The short version:  I liked it. A lot. It's not perfect, but it doesn't have to be; I'm just as content to watch for the shallow reasons (mad kissing for no reason, Captain Jack being unfeasibly hot) as for the less shallow.


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