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I went to babysit my cousins the other day, and discovered that my seven-year-old (but nearly eight) boy-cousin has recently become very interested in cars:

Me: we bought a car in Santa Barbara, and-
SYOBC: (suspiciously) What kind of car?
Uncle: Oh, he's got very interested in cars, he knows a lot of different models and so on now.
Me: Er, it was a 1999 Toyota Corolla.
SYOBC: (in manner curiously reminiscent of Jeremy Clarkson) Well, if it's from '99, it's rubbish. If it's a Toyota, it's basically rubbish.
Me: ... do you watch much Top Gear, by any chance?

He later tried to explain to me how a car engine worked, and told me his favourite Top Gear presenter is Richard Hammond "because he presents Brainiac as well." He calls them all by their surnames. Which I find amusing. He, er, likes Ferrari, unsurprisingly.

(This is proof, I tell you, that people other than crazy slashers watch Top Gear!)
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I am very, very glad that there are so many people handing out free newspapers when I get on the tube, just at the point when I need an update on Richard Hammond; I feel so trapped being on this course.

And I am so, so happy that he is by all accounts improving- there was that cover story yesterday, oh god, saying "we're not sure if he's going to live or die", and some doctor saying that even if he was conscious directly after the crash it wasn't necessarily a good sign because of brain swelling and bleeding and horrible horrible things, but today- today! Jeremy Clarkson got a smile from Hammond by calling him a crap driver, and he's not in intensive care any more, and James May says he thinks Hammond's quote perfectly intact unquote- plus he's been moved off the front page which the cynical side of me thinks is because Richard Hammond in critical danger is more likely to attract readers than Richard Hammond getting a bit better, just like newsreaders emphasing the Extreme Danger & Drama Of The Situation just for an angle.

Anyway. *breathes*

Incidentally, finally managed to coordinate and meet up with [ profile] lecharmediscret, my erstwhile braintwin, who is all growed up and university-ing very soon, but is still awesome.


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