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 Who am I trying to fool here, I thought, as I clicked back through about thirty pages of [ profile] sherlockbbc . Being mad crazy into something e.g. i.e. the BBC's Sherlock is in fact what they call "having a fandom"; the fact that I haven't properly had a fandom for a couple of years made me forget what that was all about.

SO yeah, I am mad crazy into Sherlock, my god, it's the first thing I've loved enough to rewatch in a long time. I think it was Mark Gatiss' lovely lovely series about horror films that made me suddenly go - "wait. WAIT one second! - I - I really, really liked that, didn't I?" (Thank you Mark Gatiss! You have narrowly edged out Derren Brown for the coveted position of Best Person With Beard On TV In Entire World.)

(Good grief, the extent to which I am into Sherlock is extraordinary. I was slowly freezing to death on the train from Norfolk yesterday evening and found myself writing vaguely porny Sherlock fic in twisty plastic propelling pencil and tiny bright blue notebook.)

But the most obvious thing here: the lj rename. Basically I was getting a bit not ok with my lj name being a) based on something my sister said to me when I was about twelve or thirteen, and b) the same as my ebay username, which my dad sometimes uses to buy toy soldiers and car parts, whoops. This - this [ profile] bbakerb  thing - is composed entirely of letters that are actually in my name. Incredibly dull. Nice and generic. But! Streamlined, basic, unobtrusive! I probably won't even notice it enough to dislike it. (If you want to say it out loud, I suggest "babakabah!", as if you are a child learning alphabet sounds.)


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