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I just want to say that this is the most hilarious thing I have seen/read in ages. It is the epic story of two cookies in love! With possibly the most creative use of a marshmallow the world has ever seen! GO TO IT.

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Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:57 pm
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filed under "the RPF writes itself": Zachary Levi, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Zachary Quinto at a Maxim party. All are a leeeeetle bit drunk. ZQ clearly does not read Maxim. ZL and SR clearly do.

filed under "really should not be this fun": Captain Jack Sparrow interactive dress-up doll! (The most disturbing thing is how you can remove his dreadlocks.)

filed under "awesome people saying awesome things": Neil Gaiman thinks that the people in Torchwood are all too stupid to live. You know he is right.

filed under "found this in my bookmarks and remembered how when I first found it, I spent ten blissful minutes convinced that Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett had actually in real life made a movie where they play a pilot and a scientist who fall in love during WWII": Missed the Saturday Dance (created by zoetrope). I suggest watching the trailer first. Then listen to the audio, spend a wistful few minutes trying to wish this film into existence, and then meander through the story. (I am a sucker for wartime romances in any case, so I was a lost cause from the first crackle of the wireless.)

filed under "AWESOME": Michel Gondry has made a film called Be Kind Rewind. This, I am sure, you are aware of. In this film people try to recreate with no budget well-known films and then stock a video store with them. Michel Gondry has therefore (of course) done a no-budget remake of the aforelinked official trailer in which he plays all the parts. My "do I want to see this movie?" sensors are pinging off the charts, I tell you.

filed under "lol what? okay yay!": Fred Astaire tries to pick up Gene Kelly on a park bench (that is the only way I can rationalise their behaviour); they call each other girls' names, segue awkwardly into song-and-dance routine, use strange dated slang terms?/ colloquialisms?, ballroom dance with each other. Ziegfeld Follies, 1945.

filed under " no really, old movies are gayer than you remember": Bing Crosby and Bob Hope kiss in Road to Morocco, 1942. (I recently watched Road to Bali, and was looking for their kiss from that - I was weirdly gleeful when I realised that apparently they did this routinely. (Also! Ignoring the characterisation of Bing & Bob, there is a definite sort of Booshiness to Road to Bali - gorillas (who are very obviously people in gorilla suits) falling in love with people, mad homoeroticism, celebrity cameos, breaking the fourth wall, crazy exotic locales, one of the duo never getting the girl, giant squid, etc.))
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I stayed over at [profile] kenovay 's on Friday, and probably talked to more people in two hours than I had in the previous two days, which in retrospect I find hilarious. I knew it already, but this just confirmed it - she is one of these weird sociable types! (You know, like the rest of the world apart from me! Utterly bizarre!)

So we watched some M*A*S*H, which made me happy because I hadn't watched it for aaaages, and an episode of Due South (Witness) that I hadn't seen before (OH FRASER. OH RAY.), and we talked a bit about fandom and All That Rot, and THEN. Or maybe PREVIOUSLY, I am not sure, but at some point she said that she didn't think David Hewlett was hot! Which cut out most of Stargate Atlantis slash for her, because 90% or more seems to be Mckay/Sheppard.

(I realise now that I haven't really talked about SGA, er, ever. Objectively, and it hurts me to say this, you could probably say that it's not that great a show? And I never really got into SG-1. But subjectively, omg, SGA is the most brilliant thing ever. I can think of no other fandom where the show and the fanfic, fanart, etc mesh so so completely and beautifully. It is not too much of a leap to go from "Atlantis is SAVED by WHALES" and "John turns into a BUG" to "John and Rodney TURN INTO DOLPHINS and fall in love". I recommend [profile] immoralilly 's SGA-pimping post. But first, getting back to the point! Maybe I am mostly addressing [profile] kenovay  here, but I feel all can benefit:)

Ignoring the way the show seems to be designed around the fact that John and Rodney are boyfriends boyfriends boyfriends, the weird thing about her saying this is how much, for fandom, Rodney Mckay is the outright SEX GOD of Atlantis. Everyone is ALREADY aware that John is madly hot! There is no doubt that anyone would go for him if they thought there was the slightest chance it would be reciprocated. It is a given that John is hot. I enjoy John being hot! I enjoy his hair and his slinky sneakiness (or should that be sneaky slinkiness?) and the very occasional flashes of skin and the uniform and WRISTS. Even his wrists. The show knows that John is hot, and also that Ronon is hot and Teyla is hot. This is something they are telling us all the time and I think it can be hard to tell a reader something that the show tells us so many times and have it still be interesting.

But essentially the show doesn't seem to be aware that Rodney, in all his arrogant nipple-shirted gleeful glory, with his ARMS and his degree of squishiness and the way his mouth goes all crooked and slanty when things are going wrong (which I used to think was total fanon, until I watched actual episodes and yes, his mouth really does do that) - the show doesn't even consider for a moment that Rodney is as well. Just, you know, in a less conventional way. (And because I have the link, here is a picspam by [profile] immoralilly  of the beauteousness of John and Rodney.)



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