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Thing the First: Jonathan Ross kissing Neil Gaiman. NO RLY. "This is our tribute to Britney Spears and Madonna."

Thing the Second: I was reading The Week, which is a publication of which I thoroughly approve, and I came across this:

Viewpoint: Gay Sex On Screen

"The screenwriter Kevin Elyot complains that you rarely see gay life on TV. What he means is that gay sex lives are rarely depicted. But who, really, wants to be defined by sexual orientation alone? Can't gay characters be incidentally gay, in the same way that others are incidentally straight? True equality, I'm afraid, is quite boring. It involves writing characters who fit their sex lives in around their work, their aging parents, their moods; it might even involve characters who are utterly faithful or - god forbid - who never manage to get laid at all (such gay men do exist). No one, not even the randiest man alive, lives only for sex."  - Rachael Cooke, The Observer

You read that and the first thing you think is, "Hang on, fanfic already does that," am I right.
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So I am here waiting for music to upload for [ profile] super_summer and no, there is NOTHING TO STOP ME FROM TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW.

This is not what I'd call a holiday. It's gone slightly downhill. It never climbed UP the hill. )

In completely unrelated news, I'm really not a fan of the opening credits and/or theme tune for the Fifth Doctor's series/serieses of Doctor Who.


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