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 I would say 'late night' but I am bound to be told that the night is yet young, etc etc.

so here is: everything I can remember about Thursday night, which was the Sherlock screening & Q&A.

Thursday, 7.30 to... some time later )

mini raffles rave aw yeah )

a very little bit of flailing about derren brown )

so those are some things aren't they.
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 I was looking at this - the wikipedia glossary of cricketing terms - and came across the following:


I. a particularly bad batsman, usually a specialist bowler. A "rabbit" often seems unsure of how he should even hold his bat, as typified by Phil Tufnell, Allan Donald, Courtney Walsh, Glenn McGrath and Chris Martin. See also ferret.[1]
II. The term is also used for a higher order batsman who is out frequently to the same bowler, although then most often in the form bunny; for example, Ricky Ponting is sometimes described by commentators as "Harbhajan's bunny".


This must be why Bunny's nickname is Bunny, and Raffles keeps calling him 'rabbit', i.e. 'bunny' is in fact slightly less of a bizarre nickname than it seems and is also yet another cricketing metaphor. Maybe this is common knowledge, idk. (Raffles is both a great bowler and a great batsman. Is the idea that Bunny is 'a higher order batsman who is out frequently to the same bowler' yet another of those lovely almost double-entendres that lend themselves so well to slashiness? I think so.)

ETA: can't really imagine Bunny being 'a higher order batsman'? Am I misremembering the stories? or in fact 'a specialist bowler'. I can imagine him being terrifically clumsy at cricket, certainly a bad batsman (but maybe an ok bowler which is why he was playing at all?) who would have frequently been out to Raffles; possibly Raffles showing his cruel streak there. In that boarding school necessary-oppression-of-the-junior-ticks sort of way.
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 YULETIDE! Yuletide! [ profile] yuletide !

I got an AWESOMELY WONDERFUL Feminist Hulk fic! which is so good! SO good. Feminist Hulk's rise, Feminist Hulk's SMASH, Feminist Hulk's vegan cookies, JUDITH BUTLER, just freaking read it, ok, and marvel -

A Day In The Life Of Feminist Hulk, Or, Feminist Hulk: Origins

and THEN! in Yuletide Madness someone wrote me (ME!) a story about the Hark! A Vagrant Holmes and Watson, and Gay Watson, and Stupid Watson, and there is a MYSTERY! and it is HILARITY, and sweetness, and awesomeness also

in case you want to read unspoiled )

A Cunning Plan

as you may be able to gather, I haven't had a chance to read much Yuletide besides my sweet and tasty and delicious gifts, but I have noticed that there are THREE! (3!) Raffles stories this year! which are the first thing I have my beady little eyes set upon, sweet sweet Raffles fic, mmm yeah, consider this a pre-emptive rec for all of 'em.
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What I would really like to talk about is RAFFLES, but apparently Christmas isn't really over (N.B. I AM QUITE READY FOR IT TO BE OVER) and I am putting off Raffles yet again, have been meaning to talk about Raffles since, erm, quite a while ago. Before Christmas at any rate. (I've got the Graham Greene play, The Return of AJ Raffles, in my sticky little hands, and have had enough time to get to about page three, where Bosie (YES THAT ONE) tells Bunny he doesn't fancy him any more because prison's made Bunny thin? How did this get written, how is this a real item that libraries actually possess. Also: [ profile] sherlockmas  assignment! almost done - almost

I've signed up to [ profile] thegameison_sh  - there's a challenge each month, plus bonus assignments, you're put on a team, you try and get points - the commitment isn't massive, the maximum fic size is 750 words, the monthly challenges are the only compulsory ones.

Pimping banner ahoy! Join! Join! JOIN! Signups close soon! Like, next day or two!

join [ profile] thegameison_sh

Sign-up post here!

MAYBE YOU WILL BE ON MY TEAM. Is that an enticement? not necessarily. Speaking of fic challenge communities, I'm wondering if there's a Holmes flashfic comm. This may be one of those occasions where simply wishing something exists has not in fact made it happen, alas. Am seriously thinking that if there isn't one then there should be. a MULTIHOLMES ONE to allow for the fact that I am having strong urges to write for the Bruce/Rathbone incarnation (they fight nazis! they gaze fondly at each other! they go to CANADA, O Canada!) and maybe idk there are people who want to write for Peter Cushing as Holmes, or TPLOSH.

edited to add an actual link to the signups, also I would like to say this: THE MORE CHALLENGES THE BETTER YAY, that is how I feel right now.
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 So, one fic exchange assignment DOWN, one mostly down, one semi-down - I am going to allow myself to write an lj entry, I will try not to faint with the excitement

FIRSTLY: I said to my mother yesterday, 'Seriously, has no post come for me in the past WEEK?' (various things I was expecting) and she said, 'Oh, I've been putting your stuff behind the door here' which, well, we will not get into how I am not good at seeing things even if they are right in front of me (lost my bag yesterday! went all round the house saying 'Where is it, anyone seen it, I can't have left it in the library/train/street' and it was let us say in possibly the MOST obvious place it could have been)

So I had the joy - the JOY - the WONDER - of a) getting a compilation of early string band music I'd been waiting for (string bands! are awesome!)



from [ profile] fatherbananas !



you know it's gonna be good


secondly: have not seen last night's misfits. HAVE NOT. am going to reward myself with watching it when assignment no. 2 is in.

thirdly: the E.W. Hornung shelf at my library has been migggghhhhtttyyy fruitful even aside from raffles things - I have discovered! things! like that he wrote a series of stories collected as The Crime Doctor about a doctor who is shot through the head and this makes him want to fight crime? except that what he apparently does is catch criminals to make them see the error of their ways, and then send them off healed as people. He thinks that prison does more harm than good, and thinks they should be abolished - an incredibly radical idea (if you take it seriously, I mean, this is supposed to be entertainment) - Jessica Mitford comes to this conclusion in The American Prison Business, and she's writing in 1973, not 1910 or whenever this is. But then she doesn't give her hero a brain injury to turn him into a radical.
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I'm sitting in a coffee shop and it's icy cold even INDOORS and just diagonally opposite is a man who either is Alastair Campbell or looks very very like him. AM TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT HIM, IT IS NOT A SOCIALLY OK THING TO DO, STARING, EVEN TO GLANCE MORE THAN ONCE DRAWS ATTENTION TO YOU a bit more than it should

I know no one watches it but my faaaavourite currently airing (apart from Misfits) show, Edwardian Farm, was on last night! They did Edwardian-style tin mining and copper scavenging and wassailed an apple tree! I know a lot of people find Ruth Goodman, one of the historical re-enacting presenters, irritating - but I think it's really NICE to have someone so keen and so clearly massively excited about living like an Edwardian. And there is one person called Peter and one called Alex and no I cannot prevent myself from slashing them, not when they wear such nice waistcoats and look like they're having so much FUN. Goddd what am I on

SPEAKING OF MISFITS: HOW IS IT SO GREAT, am talking about last week because otherwise I will forget to, and tonight there is more. I love that in the space of about a fortnight it has become a legitimate THING that PEOPLE ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT.

spoilers )

NOW FOR MERLIN: I was alas not made particularly happy by that last episode. There were some awesome things in it -

cut cut cut )
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Okay, so I may have pimped two people into the Raffles stories - someone in the comments to the [ profile] sherlockbbc  posting of a particular Sydney Paget illustration thought she'd read a Holmes story where Holmes cross-dressed, I felt duty-bound to point her towards 'The Rest-Cure', a story in which Bunny, the sidekick of the gentleman thief Raffles, dresses up as a lady - hair, makeup, EVERYTHING - for no apparent reason other than, I don't know, boredom? wanting to entertain Raffles? - in any case, I love Raffles enough that I will now attempt to pimp everyone into Raffles. There isn't much fic - there is some nice stuff at the AO3 -  and the stories are obviously not as good as the Holmes stories, but they're very fun and utterly utterly gay. And George Orwell liked them too. And they were written in the 1890s by Conan Doyle's brother-in-law, E.W. Hornung, almost as a kind of 'well there you go writing a detective, haha I will write a CRIMINAL' - it is important in the history of crime fiction that the Holmes stories don't just inspire people to write about detectives, they inspire writing about more complicated criminals

The first volume, The Amateur Cracksman, is, quite sweetly, dedicated 'To ACD. This Form Of Flattery.'

If you have ever read Sherlock Holmes and thought 'they're in love, it's darling - but it's a bit chaste isn't it, I wish Watson wouldn't be so coy', you will read Raffles and think 'holy hot damn what is this'; I advise skipping to the excerpt at the end of this post if you want the concrete proof of this.

raffles raffles raffles )

The first story is 'The Ides Of March'. Go and read it if you like, I'll still be here. I'm going to paste in the incredibly romantic ending of that at the end of this post anyway, the link is for if you want to read the story from the beginning.

and now I'm going to paste in some of the Orwell essay 'Raffles And Miss Blandish' behind the cut because he anatomises very well a) the appeal the Raffles stories have, and b) their morality; the rest of the essay contrasts Raffles with a pulpy 30s crime novel.

from George Orwell's essay about crime fiction 'Raffles And Miss Blandish' )

AND NOW, the super-slashy, don't-even-need-goggles ending of 'The Ides Of March', the first Raffles story. 

spoilers obviously for this story, it is after all the END of it )


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