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This is the post I tried to make on the eve of Potterdammerung, only El Jay ATE IT. Naughty lj. And then I forgot all about it, because, hello, Harry Potter. But anyway. Now, I have remembered! Aren't you all lucky.

The place where I work has a surprisingly large number of charity shops in its vicinity. I am a charity shop fiend. I am like a whirlwind. I mission in and out, and when I emerge I am generally wealthier in books but poorer in money.

So after work one day I went into, I think, Save The Children, and was browsing the books there, when a title caught my eye. It was "Male Nudes". Sheer glee overtook me. I flicked through it compulsively. It was a book of photographs dating from the end of the Victorian era onwards (with an essay talking about how all male nude photography is homoerotic, which it only is if you assume the person looking is male, so with my feminist hat on I think I have to object to this theory). The photos in the book are all over the spectrum, from the unashamedly porny to the very consciously arty to the actually-porn-but-we're-pretending-this-is-highminded-okay-shut-up.

The thing that made me buy it, though, was the handwritten dedication on the title page: "Dan- may you have much pleasure in 2005, love Paul xx". I only hope that the book's presence in a charity shop is not evidence of a breakup.

But moving on! I offer you the greatest hits of "Male Nudes", the most loltastic, the ones I just like and the ones I just find hilarious. NSFW, I should think.


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