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So I was going to be sneaky and not mention that I did a pinch-hit for [ profile] holmestice until the reveal, but what the hell, someone who is JUST WONDERFUL has made me a thank-you fic, Not-Quite Mother Of Mine, and a wallpaper - for ME! for my VERY OWN! I really wasn't expecting anything, it must have been terrible short notice - and the fic is about MRS HUDSON! and is a DELIGHT! - and the wallpaper is beauteous! I am filled with happy. I feel like I've WON Holmestice, I know that's not the point. THANK YOU KIND PERSON.

I'll say now that if you by some strange chance happened to guess what story I wrote in either of the anon fic exchanges I've taken part in - [ profile] yuletide  and [ profile] holmestice  - or certain *key factors* in my [ profile] sherlockmas  assignment - you probably deserve some sort of prize.

Also: do you want to read an excitingly lengthy discussion between me and [ profile] strangeumbrella  about so many things, but most importantly The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes, the film, the marvellous melancholy film? and some other Holmes stuff, and Merlin, etc - well then, go to the comments to this post here, marvel at our disregard for comment limits, I am amazed by the length of them.

So: now I talk about Misfits! In an attempt to avoid making like three entries in a row. Oh you crazy mixed-up show that you are, Misfits, light of my life, fire of my loins. There are three whole episodes to talk about, what happened? The passage of time happened, that's what.

misfits misfits misfits )

lastly: I have a account now. Basically everybody show me your last fms so I can add you.
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I'm sitting in a coffee shop and it's icy cold even INDOORS and just diagonally opposite is a man who either is Alastair Campbell or looks very very like him. AM TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT HIM, IT IS NOT A SOCIALLY OK THING TO DO, STARING, EVEN TO GLANCE MORE THAN ONCE DRAWS ATTENTION TO YOU a bit more than it should

I know no one watches it but my faaaavourite currently airing (apart from Misfits) show, Edwardian Farm, was on last night! They did Edwardian-style tin mining and copper scavenging and wassailed an apple tree! I know a lot of people find Ruth Goodman, one of the historical re-enacting presenters, irritating - but I think it's really NICE to have someone so keen and so clearly massively excited about living like an Edwardian. And there is one person called Peter and one called Alex and no I cannot prevent myself from slashing them, not when they wear such nice waistcoats and look like they're having so much FUN. Goddd what am I on

SPEAKING OF MISFITS: HOW IS IT SO GREAT, am talking about last week because otherwise I will forget to, and tonight there is more. I love that in the space of about a fortnight it has become a legitimate THING that PEOPLE ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT.

spoilers )

NOW FOR MERLIN: I was alas not made particularly happy by that last episode. There were some awesome things in it -

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 1. [ profile] strangeumbrella  has finished & posted her VERY VERY GOOD meme-prompted Sherlock/Sebastian in-university-days fic!

Unattached, Like Me - for the prompt: Sebastian was the type of guy who was used to having whatever, and whomever, he wanted.

And it shows a Sebastian who's not a great person but, you know, not totally awful, who's convincingly both quite attracted to Sherlock and constantly wrongfooted by him - especially about the nature of their attraction. Characterisation, hilarity, acheyness, altogether totally this is how things went down when the two of them met.

2. This is NSFW because of filthy language, if you've seen series 1 of Misfits the lines they're rehearsing will be familiar. Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan joking around about Iwan's Welshness.

3. And over here are some fiiiiiine images of Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan being literally quite attractive in suits.

4. did I mention that in less than 36 hours their characters on Misfits are going to be awkwardly gayish for about a minute for however long the plot requires it? THAT'S QUITE EXCITING TO ME.

5. And here is some fiiiiiiiine Nathan/Simon fic by [ profile] nimuu  - Growing Pains - which manages to be really and truly kind of hot despite all viewers of Misfits having seen (and laughed at) practically every character's orgasm face. The summary is: Nathan is having a fair amount of sexual adventures with Simon, that are in no way gay, and are in no way significant. Oh, Misfits characters! so incredibly messed up you are, and as [ profile] nimuu  says, beautiful and vulgar. 

6. am excited for my fic exchange assignments! My [ profile] sherlockmas one will be SUPER INTERESTING to write. Ha there are like 25 people doing it so I will say NOTHING. My [ profile] yuletide  one - well, I made the mistake of a) getting ahead precautionarily and going too far on the wrong thing i.e. something I didn't get assigned, and b) stalking the yulegoat post (where people write to their writers) and discovering a couple of really amazing pieces of canon. One in particular seriously distracted me for about six hours from just about everything I was supposed to be doing, I really hope she who requested it actually gets something for it. So I managed to wrench myself away and am now going back through sweet sweet canon and making notes and a playlist and everything. It's not something I've ever mentioned on lj, I think, but if I've spoken to you in rl in recent months I might have mentioned it. Oh such *secrecy* and *hintyness*, basically I would love to talk about it with people but no one on lj or rl that I know is particularly a fan. Except for my aunt and that's just not a conversation I ever need to have.

7. ETA OMG: I am sort of proud. I mean, unless it turns horridly violent, but right now I looked out of the window of the library, saw three helicopters, thought 'something is afoot in Londontown', went on the BBC news site - and there is a massive protest going on in Whitehall.
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 Yes, what it says. MISFITS! My darling dysfunctional juvenile-delinquent washed-out-grey-and-lurid-orange fandom of sex, violence and sick humour and profoundly affecting pathos! It's like someone saw Heroes and thought 'let's make the opposite of this, let's make ANTIHEROES - because they really are, they are the anti-est of antiheroes you are likely to encounter on TV right now.

(This is, I think, the fourth post I have made in a row (counting the yuletide letter) that has no Sherlock fic in it - this hurts me in my soul but I must EXPRESS MY LOVE)

warning for capslock enthusiasm, seriously be aware of the capslock behind the cut, the shall we say INTRIGUING thing was that in the preview for next week we saw - (spoilers for the preview for next week, also for just generally the show)

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this post doesn't even make any sense. I heart Misfits. that is the main thing.
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Chances are we share a liking for something AWESOME. Feel free to snoop around - I don't tend to lock anything fannish.

Hark! A Vagrant: I said something about giving one or multiple characters a MYSTERY to solve - because there are quite a few characters who (supposedly) Solve Things, or Fight Crime - the Mystery Solving Teens, Fat Pony, Nancy Drew, Holmes & the multiple Watsons - and Polly the highly intelligent Chimneysweep would obviously be good at that stuff too, but you could just as easily write the epic life story of one character if it moves you to do so, please don't feel limited to the characters I put in the signup, there are just so many I did not know who to pick.

Misfits: NNNGH Misfits. The five orange-jumpsuit-clad ASBO-ers are all special to me. The show is full of sex and violence and sick/funny, and I'd love it if you managed to match its weird tone. I also love the hatred/friendship thing they all have going on, would love a story basically about that. The OT5 if you will. I don't have any ships - except perhaps Kelly/Nathan/Simon in a very loose sort of way, and I do love on Curtis & Alisha's creative ways of having sex - but really, gen, het, slash, I could  go for anything in this fandom! but would prefer it not to focus too tightly on any one character, and for it not to get OOC, no declarations of everlasting devotion for example. And many things that are usually squicky for me simply aren't for Misfits, because they're pretty much a given in the show anyway.

ETA because there keep being new episodes, and I keep on changing my mind: yuletide writer, if you could see your way to working in some Nathan/Simon slashiness, that would also be AMAZING. Also: have realised that the fact that all of the MIsfits have real, genuine problems is a big part of their appeal for me - and the fact that their powers if anything make things harder for them. I do have a Misfits tag, haven't used it much, but there might be a useful something if you click it idk.

All The President's Men RPF: am ridiculously glad this was on the list! Full confession: I wrote, a couple of years ago, what seemed to be the only Woodward/Bernstein slash fic on the internet (based really on the film; the book's not exactly very subtexty), which is here, weeping alone into its heart-shaped pillow. So, um, you can see where my tastes lie, I would really love to see a slashy take, and don't feel you need to look at the thing what I wrote for this. Gen also fine, I totally get it if you don't want to go there! (I will quite frankly faint if this gets matched up.)

ETA because have found new and exciting sources! - a 1974 Time article, Woodstein Meets Deep Throat, which talks about their investigation ahead of the release of their book. Also, if you want to get realistic, and maybe kind of sad, there's this article, from later in 1974, about their discomfort with the fame that resulted, their arguments, their dissatisfaction with the ultimate results of their investigation.

Feminist Hulk: I just want to know more about Feminist Hulk, what Feminist Hulk does day to day in quest to smash gender binary, to bake delicious cupcakes, to find more efficient ways to smash, and new ways to adore bell hooks. Perhaps Feminist Hulk has an archenemy! Perhaps Feminist Hulk loses favourite tiny purple shorts. idek! I just love Feminist Hulk and want to see more of Feminist Hulk than Feminist Hulk's tweets.

If I've said anything that makes you want to scream and run away then please please just IGNORE ME, and write something you'll enjoy writing and actually feel content with; these are all fandoms for which I'd be made happy by many many things, so many, I don't even know how to articulate them all. I am a SIMPLE CREATURE. (and I should probably say that the things I like to read about aren't limited to the kinds of things I like to write.)


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