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Soooo I thought maybe this would be a good thing to have up somewhere; that's what people seem to do. 

DISCLAIMER FOR EVERYTHING: These characters are not mine. I make no profit. It is all totally made up.

All most of this is archived at the AO3. If something isn't it's usually because it's a kink meme fill and I'm trying to find a deep and serious title for it. The RPF is friendslocked due to the potential for extreme embarrassment.

Comments, criticism etc are much appreciated; they're only going to make me better at doing this, aren't they, and especially if you point out something that just doesn't work.

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This is, I supose, part n of a continuing series entitled: Fic No One Else Wants, But God Damn It, I Do. This is not Slaine's birthday porn, or even poor neglected Sheera's. I mean, unless either of them wants to claim it. Sparked off by the Pink Shell Motel challenge, but took a left turn and didn't actually go there.

Title: (Not the) Pink Shell Motel
Length: about 2000 words
Fandom: All The President's Men
Pairing: Woodward/Bernstein.
Rating: er, R? sex? Imagine Stephen Colbert saying FEELTHY PORRN in the same voice he uses to say "needlessly frightened" here. According to [ profile] immoralilly    , Woodward/Bernstein is about 4 on a scale of one-to-ten of BadAndWrongness, so. That's your warning. Yes, this is what we call Pretendy Fun Time. N.B. The fic's set during a generic early-part-of-the-movie time, when they haven't had much success, people won't go on the record with their statements, Deep Throat's being secretive, their stories are getting "non-denial denials", etc.


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