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1. Microwaving hard-boiled eggs makes them go really, really weird.
2. When one's grandparents ask for assistance with anything, said assistance will take up most of your day.
3. Trying to weasel out of providing assistance will take up all of your day, and you'll end up having to do whatever it was anyway.
4. If you're right-handed, the knuckle of your left thumb is surprisingly easy to slice open accidentally while cutting stuff up.
5. Melting chocolate directly over the stove is very likely to result in gritty burninated disaster.
6. Watching Torchwood with one's parents is an intensely awkward experience.
7. Removing the interior of a dead goose is a greasy, greasy experience.
8. Cold-calling slowly but surely destroys the soul, as does any and all kinds of coursework
9. Not revising for exams makes you feel much much worse than going through the trauma of actually working.
10. Living off nothing but toast and tinned peaches gets a bit depressing after a day and a half.
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five historical personages I totally fangirl:
Ada Lovelace
William Cobbett
John Lilburne
Hannibal Barca

five not really historical personages I have inordinate love for, and hopeless weird ridiculous painful mad crushes on; if I was put in the same room as them I would probably die:
Peter Cook
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Clive Owen
Alex Kapranos
Cillian Murphy

five personages whose appearance anywhere makes me grin with the happy and the 'omg I love you':
Alan Bennett
Jake Gyllenhaal
Tom Stoppard
Terry Pratchett

five song lyrics I've sung along to in the recent past:
Elope with me Miss Private and we'll sail around the world/ I will be your Ferdinand and you my wayward girl
From Scapa Flow to Rotherhithe I felt the lapping of an ebbing tide
She is a funny girl! She is like YOU!
No court can take away the love we share/ And I'm wired/ And I'm totally wide awake

five inanimate things I like:
The colour green
The number five
Tate Modern

five songs someone should vid:
Molly's Lips by the Vaselines (total femslash! breezy-voiced girl singing Kiss kiss molly's lips!)
Smut by Tom Lehrer. Smut! Give me smut and nothing but!
You're the Top by Cole Porter, this version sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Total double entendre. For bonus crack value, here's a version where Captain Jack sings.
When My Boy Walks Down The Street by The Magnetic Fields, genius indiepop featuring free genderfuckery: Blue eyes blazing, and he's going to be my wife
When You're Sad by Arkane. Secretly this is the soundtrack to the ukulele fic I wrote; at least, I wrote a lot of it listening to this.

five folk-type songs I like:
Niel Gow's Lament For His First Wife, by Bob Hobkirk
Lass Of Loch Royal, by June Tabor and Maddy Prior
Cailleach An Airgid, by Cliar
Fordell Ball, by Jack Beck
The Barring Of The Door, by June Tabor and Maddy Prior

five horror movies that are awesome:
Dog Soldiers (VORENUS!!!!1!!)
28 Days Later
The Omen
The Wicker Man

five movies from which you can totally extract the secret of life:
The Breakfast Club
The Big Lebowski
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
A Hard Day's Night


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