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I have been clearing out my room and trying to be particularly heartless when it comes to Stuff I Just Don't Need. Even so, I have amassed a small pile of things that are a bit too nice to throw away, but which I don't want to keep - books and suchlike - and because it is CHRISTMAS!!1! I am wondering if any of you wonderful, charming people would like a SURPRAIZ christmas parcel and/or a christmas card of some kind, and by "christmas card" I mean "postcard of a robot".

EDITED to add: I have already taken a pile of stuff to Oxfam - these are things that I am materialistically clinging to for No Real Reason. As evidenced by the fact that many of them are surplus copies. Help me in the battle against materialism by, er, acquiring more stuff yourself!

Comments are screened, so leave the address you want the thing posted to, and list, say, three or more, because it is just about possible that more than one person will be lured to the same thing, and also it will add an ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. I will happily post anywhere in the world. Do not be put off if you don't really know me that well! It's winter (or summer, if you're in the southern hemisphere) communal holiday time! Hurrah.

Also if you'd like a christmas card, tell me if you are more interested in: a) robots, b) astronauts or c) vintage advertising. I can make no promises though that the so-called "christmas" "card" will actually be where you are on the day of this thing they call "christmas".


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