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So I haven't been particularly heavily Sherlocking in the past couple of months, which is mostly to do with real life, but HERE I GO SWOOPING IN AGAIN because of [ profile] sherlock_remix  

because guess what

the person who was assigned my cough ahem cough OEUVRE chose the 'born in a wagon of a travelling show' Cher song gypsies tramps & thieves thing to remix! (I almost almost almost said during signups that this AU was a WIP or my safe piece but then I thought 'you know, this is probably the ONE THING I have written that CRIES OUT for someone else to take a shot at it, this is what I would be MOST EXCITED to see someone remix, it would be a SHAME if someone wanted to and I'd arbitrarily decided not to'. Also the extent to which it is a WIP at my end is DUBIOUS; I did expound on the outline of the entire hypothetical story to a) [ profile] immoralilly , b) a bunch of people at a Sherlock meetup in January, but it has been a WHILE since that, I got confounded by research and anyway anyway anyway)


it is HERE and HERE (THERE ARE TWO PARTS) and READ IT, you know you want to, it is BRILLIANT.
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Because it amazes me how very faithful Moffat and Gatiss have been. Below are some excerpts from the very beginning of A Study In Scarlet. I might have mentioned this in my last post (?) but Gatiss said that the corpse/riding crop action was canon, and so I had a look and SO IT IS - below - the first speaker is Stamford:

"He appears to have a passion for definite and exact knowledge."

"Very right too."

"Yes, but it may be pushed to excess. When it comes to beating the subjects in the dissecting-rooms with a stick, it is certainly taking rather a bizarre shape."

"Beating the subjects!"

"Yes, to verify how far bruises may be produced after death; I saw him at it with my own eyes."

And now, John's state when he meets Sherlock Holmes, i.e. the PTSD is basically canon too:

"If I am to lodge with any one, I should prefer a man of studious and quiet habits. I am not strong enough yet to stand much noise or excitement: I had enough of both in Afghanistan to last me for the remainder of my natural existence..."


"Let me see—what are my other shortcomings. I get in the dumps at times, and don't open my mouth for days on end. You must not think I am sulky when I do that. Just let me alone, and I'll soon be right. What have you to confess now? It's just as well for two fellows to know the worst of one another before they begin to live together."

I laughed at this cross-examination. "I keep a bull pup," I said, "and I object to rows because my nerves are shaken, and I get up at all sorts of ungodly hours, and I am extremely lazy. I have another set of vices when I'm well, but those are the principal ones at present."

WHEN I'M WELL. (Bear in mind though that canon Watson had enteric fever as well as being shot. but then also he says he was "leading a comfortless, meaningless existence", oh poor sad Watson/John)

but anyway i.e. the particular faults he lists are directly to do with his illness. (I think this supports the theory that the bull pup is not literally a dog.)

tl;dr going to the Sherlock screening last week gave me a NEW APPRECIATION for a) A Study In Scarlet, which when I first read it had struck me as almost unreconcilable with the later stories, b) the artfulness of Moffat & Gatiss.
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 I would say 'late night' but I am bound to be told that the night is yet young, etc etc.

so here is: everything I can remember about Thursday night, which was the Sherlock screening & Q&A.

Thursday, 7.30 to... some time later )

mini raffles rave aw yeah )

a very little bit of flailing about derren brown )

so those are some things aren't they.
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am back in london, land of central heating and fast internet, have never felt so tender towards sweet pretty London as I do now

ETA: there was a tin of anchovies in my bed and I have no readily accessible pyjamas. New Year's Resolutions: acquire more pyjamas, check bed for anchovies. (The tin was unopened.)

a) Here are the fic exchange stories I wrote:

1. My [ profile] holmestice  story, for [ profile] gabe1990 , SO MUCH FUN, so ludicrous though

The Giant Rat Of Sumatra, For Which The World Is Not Yet Prepared

which is 2500 words-ish, Sherlock/John established relationship, R. Post-case. Is that a Thing? (It is now.) I think my favourite comment was someone who said 'everyone's having so much FUN in this', I thought to myself, 'yeah I write stories where people have fun!' In my head this story is gen. But I was worried people would read it and not get that in my head they were together - 'damn,' I thought, 'better write in a blowjob just to make sure!' so er I did.

2. My [ profile] yuletide  story, for [ profile] girl_called_sun  - for Whites, a BBC sitcom about a restaurant kitchen, which had Alan Davies as head chef Roland White, Katharine Parkinson as his restaurant manager, a bunch of brilliant people in it all around. Oh I loved writing this so much, I love this show so much - and it doesn't even have a wikipedia page, as far as I can tell. (ETA how do I use wikipedia? Literally quite badly. It does too have a wikipedia page, ok have failed basic internet skills will have to find a new low to sink to)

Pancakes Day

2300 wordsish. TEAM GEN! \o/ Not that these people work particularly well as a team. Ensemble gen. And it really IS gen, and not even gen-with-blowjobs. (If you're curious - as well as Whites, I volunteered to write for Raffles, Stalky & Co, Adam Adamant Lives!, and Misfits; they all had stories written for them except Stalky. I had something loosely planned for Raffles and AAL!, and had a ton of Thoughts about Misfits, and was totally terrified of getting Stalky.)

b) New Year's Resolutions: fanfic fanfic fanfic. But! More importantly!: I have decided to learn to whistle. I have never been able to whistle, but I decided to learn yesterday morning, and I have been steadily working at it since then (and irritating everyone around me) and I can SORT OF BASICALLY MAKE A NOISE. Next: TUNES. After that: ATTRACTING TAXIS, and then sending them away because actually I take the tube.

c) yuletide yuletide yuletide? Yuletide yuletide. Yuletide! Yuletide. I am not done.
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What I would really like to talk about is RAFFLES, but apparently Christmas isn't really over (N.B. I AM QUITE READY FOR IT TO BE OVER) and I am putting off Raffles yet again, have been meaning to talk about Raffles since, erm, quite a while ago. Before Christmas at any rate. (I've got the Graham Greene play, The Return of AJ Raffles, in my sticky little hands, and have had enough time to get to about page three, where Bosie (YES THAT ONE) tells Bunny he doesn't fancy him any more because prison's made Bunny thin? How did this get written, how is this a real item that libraries actually possess. Also: [ profile] sherlockmas  assignment! almost done - almost

I've signed up to [ profile] thegameison_sh  - there's a challenge each month, plus bonus assignments, you're put on a team, you try and get points - the commitment isn't massive, the maximum fic size is 750 words, the monthly challenges are the only compulsory ones.

Pimping banner ahoy! Join! Join! JOIN! Signups close soon! Like, next day or two!

join [ profile] thegameison_sh

Sign-up post here!

MAYBE YOU WILL BE ON MY TEAM. Is that an enticement? not necessarily. Speaking of fic challenge communities, I'm wondering if there's a Holmes flashfic comm. This may be one of those occasions where simply wishing something exists has not in fact made it happen, alas. Am seriously thinking that if there isn't one then there should be. a MULTIHOLMES ONE to allow for the fact that I am having strong urges to write for the Bruce/Rathbone incarnation (they fight nazis! they gaze fondly at each other! they go to CANADA, O Canada!) and maybe idk there are people who want to write for Peter Cushing as Holmes, or TPLOSH.

edited to add an actual link to the signups, also I would like to say this: THE MORE CHALLENGES THE BETTER YAY, that is how I feel right now.
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So I was going to be sneaky and not mention that I did a pinch-hit for [ profile] holmestice until the reveal, but what the hell, someone who is JUST WONDERFUL has made me a thank-you fic, Not-Quite Mother Of Mine, and a wallpaper - for ME! for my VERY OWN! I really wasn't expecting anything, it must have been terrible short notice - and the fic is about MRS HUDSON! and is a DELIGHT! - and the wallpaper is beauteous! I am filled with happy. I feel like I've WON Holmestice, I know that's not the point. THANK YOU KIND PERSON.

I'll say now that if you by some strange chance happened to guess what story I wrote in either of the anon fic exchanges I've taken part in - [ profile] yuletide  and [ profile] holmestice  - or certain *key factors* in my [ profile] sherlockmas  assignment - you probably deserve some sort of prize.

Also: do you want to read an excitingly lengthy discussion between me and [ profile] strangeumbrella  about so many things, but most importantly The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes, the film, the marvellous melancholy film? and some other Holmes stuff, and Merlin, etc - well then, go to the comments to this post here, marvel at our disregard for comment limits, I am amazed by the length of them.

So: now I talk about Misfits! In an attempt to avoid making like three entries in a row. Oh you crazy mixed-up show that you are, Misfits, light of my life, fire of my loins. There are three whole episodes to talk about, what happened? The passage of time happened, that's what.

misfits misfits misfits )

lastly: I have a account now. Basically everybody show me your last fms so I can add you.
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I'm sitting in a coffee shop and it's icy cold even INDOORS and just diagonally opposite is a man who either is Alastair Campbell or looks very very like him. AM TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT HIM, IT IS NOT A SOCIALLY OK THING TO DO, STARING, EVEN TO GLANCE MORE THAN ONCE DRAWS ATTENTION TO YOU a bit more than it should

I know no one watches it but my faaaavourite currently airing (apart from Misfits) show, Edwardian Farm, was on last night! They did Edwardian-style tin mining and copper scavenging and wassailed an apple tree! I know a lot of people find Ruth Goodman, one of the historical re-enacting presenters, irritating - but I think it's really NICE to have someone so keen and so clearly massively excited about living like an Edwardian. And there is one person called Peter and one called Alex and no I cannot prevent myself from slashing them, not when they wear such nice waistcoats and look like they're having so much FUN. Goddd what am I on

SPEAKING OF MISFITS: HOW IS IT SO GREAT, am talking about last week because otherwise I will forget to, and tonight there is more. I love that in the space of about a fortnight it has become a legitimate THING that PEOPLE ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT.

spoilers )

NOW FOR MERLIN: I was alas not made particularly happy by that last episode. There were some awesome things in it -

cut cut cut )
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Okay, so I may have pimped two people into the Raffles stories - someone in the comments to the [ profile] sherlockbbc  posting of a particular Sydney Paget illustration thought she'd read a Holmes story where Holmes cross-dressed, I felt duty-bound to point her towards 'The Rest-Cure', a story in which Bunny, the sidekick of the gentleman thief Raffles, dresses up as a lady - hair, makeup, EVERYTHING - for no apparent reason other than, I don't know, boredom? wanting to entertain Raffles? - in any case, I love Raffles enough that I will now attempt to pimp everyone into Raffles. There isn't much fic - there is some nice stuff at the AO3 -  and the stories are obviously not as good as the Holmes stories, but they're very fun and utterly utterly gay. And George Orwell liked them too. And they were written in the 1890s by Conan Doyle's brother-in-law, E.W. Hornung, almost as a kind of 'well there you go writing a detective, haha I will write a CRIMINAL' - it is important in the history of crime fiction that the Holmes stories don't just inspire people to write about detectives, they inspire writing about more complicated criminals

The first volume, The Amateur Cracksman, is, quite sweetly, dedicated 'To ACD. This Form Of Flattery.'

If you have ever read Sherlock Holmes and thought 'they're in love, it's darling - but it's a bit chaste isn't it, I wish Watson wouldn't be so coy', you will read Raffles and think 'holy hot damn what is this'; I advise skipping to the excerpt at the end of this post if you want the concrete proof of this.

raffles raffles raffles )

The first story is 'The Ides Of March'. Go and read it if you like, I'll still be here. I'm going to paste in the incredibly romantic ending of that at the end of this post anyway, the link is for if you want to read the story from the beginning.

and now I'm going to paste in some of the Orwell essay 'Raffles And Miss Blandish' behind the cut because he anatomises very well a) the appeal the Raffles stories have, and b) their morality; the rest of the essay contrasts Raffles with a pulpy 30s crime novel.

from George Orwell's essay about crime fiction 'Raffles And Miss Blandish' )

AND NOW, the super-slashy, don't-even-need-goggles ending of 'The Ides Of March', the first Raffles story. 

spoilers obviously for this story, it is after all the END of it )
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Prompt thread

"Mrs. Hudson took my skull."

Tell us why Mrs. Hudson took Sherlock's skull.

A) Is she lonely and, like Sherlock, wanted someone to talk to?
B) Does she just want to mess with Sherlock and uses the skull to hold clandestine tea parties?
C) Any other reason the anon can think up?

I went for C) because of this image I have from Advice Sherlock:

now behind the cut due to hideous brightness )

750 words. John/Sherlock. Mrs. Hudson. Lestrade. Kissing at the end. Also I think a degree of crack.

The short version: 

"Ooh," said Mrs. Hudson, "I'd better make sure Sherlock keeps hold of that nice boyfriend of his."

"John," said Sherlock beatifically, "You're much much better than a skull. Much softer."

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 The snow. The ice. THE SNOW. I am amazed by it. This evening, I am being a failcake by myself in London, wearing three jumpers and watching youtube clips of Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell.

[ profile] immoralilly  WON Nanowrimo! which if you are not familiar with it means she wrote 50,000 words of her MAGNUM OPUS in thirty days. GO HER. She also informed me about the recent episode of awesome 18th century lawyer drama Garrow's Law that had JIM MORIARTY i.e. Andrew Scott in it as a tormented Molly accused of sexually assaulting a cobbler, which you can watch on iPlayer. I love that whenever anyone does 18th century stuff now they have to work in a Molly-house - hands up if you remember City Of Vice! Now that was a hot mess of a show. Garrow's Law is sometimes crazily written ([ profile] immoralilly  in her description of this episode referred to the writing as "whack", fact fans!) but I do think it works; I am also very caught up in the epically noble love between Garrow and Lady Sarah, they are in looooove, they keep talking about having sex, they are accused of adultery but are TOO NOBLE to have actually Done It. (I should point out that the real life Garrow and Sarah had two children together in the 1780s - before they were married. I like that better even than the suppressed!passion story we're getting, actually.)

(Are you interested in 18th century homosexual practices and the law regarding them? You so are. Hie thee hence to read up on it - link goes to a smorgasbord of court transcripts, newspaper editorials, letters to the press, satirical ballads and so on. Also: here, if you scroll down, is the show's historical researcher on the real cases that are referenced in the show.)

OHHHH CRAP I am freaking out a bit, CHECK THIS OUT: Sherlock screening at Clapham picturehouse! with Q&A with Moffat & Gatiss! oh god, it's my local-ish as well. excuse me while i suppress my hyperventilating enough to buy a ticket.

UGGGGH there we go then, that's today's unnecessary splurging. Aha I get to use my complicated acronym tag once again, it stands for 'all the gay there is: no really there is quite a lot" in case you could not guess.

ETA for more reasons to watch Garrow's Law:
- Liz White aka ANNIE from Life On Mars as the cobbler's vengeful wife!
- the immortal line, "I think you'll agree that a hand on another man's shoulder is anatomically and by degree some distance from SODOMY!"
- the immortal dialogue: "Let us suppose.... that a man is of the sodomitical tendency." - and after a long pause - "Why would we do that." - "LET US SUPPOSE IT."
- the show actually dealing with the fact that a woman's property and even her child is at this stage legally her husband's property, that Lady Sarah cannot even get a change of clothes from her house without his permission.
- freaking LESTRADE himself, Rupert Graves, as the jealous husband of Lady Sarah who won't believe she has actually been faithful to him

moar ETA for: EDWARDIAN FARM! How could I forget, god I love it so much. Yes, I do have a massively inappropriate Lord King Bad Ship for this - Alex and Peter, the historical reenactors! There was an episode where one of them started feeling up the other one's ears? I forget why, something to do with sheep. And then tried to cover it by feeling up his own, ha, subtle.
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MAHOOSIVE ETA: Well, basically am in the process of totally rewriting this so that it, you know, makes sense.

Back we go, baaaacccckkk in time to when I wrote this fill for, um, my own crackheaded gypsies-tramps-and-thieves prompt: Sherlock was born in the wagon of a travelling show, Mycroft used to dance for the money they'd throw, Mummy'd do whatever she could etc etc etc. This is a continuation/prequel/sequel/who knows what. I've added it to the original thread too.

2500 words. Warning for a broken wrist, (this part of the story based on the fact that practically every teenage boy I know has broken his wrist at some point - skateboarding, playing football, just freaking falling over; it makes me think being a teenage boy's quite a dangerous thing.) Sherlock/John, angst (I suppose that's what you call this?), Sherlock being hurt, John fixing him. THEY DON'T EVEN KISS. what is wrong with me. at least it is heavily implied that they want to.

So here we are: this is how raggedy!vaudevillian!urchin!Sherlock and bored!medicalstudent!John meet for the first time. Part question mark of question mark, PG (question mark?) for medicine and sadness. AU, so very AU, basically the present day but with music halls and travelling shows still in operation. (how, I do not yet know, maybe there is no TV or cinema, maybe that never took off and we were stuck with this sort of thing for much longer) John's RAMC requirements are genuine but they are from the 1870s.

For What Ails You )

as always there are notes )
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 1. [ profile] strangeumbrella  has finished & posted her VERY VERY GOOD meme-prompted Sherlock/Sebastian in-university-days fic!

Unattached, Like Me - for the prompt: Sebastian was the type of guy who was used to having whatever, and whomever, he wanted.

And it shows a Sebastian who's not a great person but, you know, not totally awful, who's convincingly both quite attracted to Sherlock and constantly wrongfooted by him - especially about the nature of their attraction. Characterisation, hilarity, acheyness, altogether totally this is how things went down when the two of them met.

2. This is NSFW because of filthy language, if you've seen series 1 of Misfits the lines they're rehearsing will be familiar. Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan joking around about Iwan's Welshness.

3. And over here are some fiiiiiine images of Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan being literally quite attractive in suits.

4. did I mention that in less than 36 hours their characters on Misfits are going to be awkwardly gayish for about a minute for however long the plot requires it? THAT'S QUITE EXCITING TO ME.

5. And here is some fiiiiiiiine Nathan/Simon fic by [ profile] nimuu  - Growing Pains - which manages to be really and truly kind of hot despite all viewers of Misfits having seen (and laughed at) practically every character's orgasm face. The summary is: Nathan is having a fair amount of sexual adventures with Simon, that are in no way gay, and are in no way significant. Oh, Misfits characters! so incredibly messed up you are, and as [ profile] nimuu  says, beautiful and vulgar. 

6. am excited for my fic exchange assignments! My [ profile] sherlockmas one will be SUPER INTERESTING to write. Ha there are like 25 people doing it so I will say NOTHING. My [ profile] yuletide  one - well, I made the mistake of a) getting ahead precautionarily and going too far on the wrong thing i.e. something I didn't get assigned, and b) stalking the yulegoat post (where people write to their writers) and discovering a couple of really amazing pieces of canon. One in particular seriously distracted me for about six hours from just about everything I was supposed to be doing, I really hope she who requested it actually gets something for it. So I managed to wrench myself away and am now going back through sweet sweet canon and making notes and a playlist and everything. It's not something I've ever mentioned on lj, I think, but if I've spoken to you in rl in recent months I might have mentioned it. Oh such *secrecy* and *hintyness*, basically I would love to talk about it with people but no one on lj or rl that I know is particularly a fan. Except for my aunt and that's just not a conversation I ever need to have.

7. ETA OMG: I am sort of proud. I mean, unless it turns horridly violent, but right now I looked out of the window of the library, saw three helicopters, thought 'something is afoot in Londontown', went on the BBC news site - and there is a massive protest going on in Whitehall.
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 1. MERLIN, how MAD were you this evening. I said to my 15 yr old sister two weeks ago that I'd always thought Merlin would be better appreciated when slightly drunk, she said, why don't you try it, and when we got to the shall I say DATE SCENE this episode I thought WELL I WILL THEN, this episode is the right time, I won't be able to get through it if it's all like this and made myself a sort of gin and lemon juice thing. 

and THEN the episode decided to get kind of GOOD. And the alcohol started to hit me - am typing while still a bit tipsy, is this a first for me? idek. and I slightly regretted the alcohol, did I mention I am ALONE this evening, drinking while alone is not meant to be good is it, whatever, it was for science. or fandom. sthng like that. Will tell my sister that it's not worth getting tipsy for Merlin because of how it might suddenly take a turn for the Literally Quite Good. 

2. and now we have some charming BBC thing about the Goodies. am finding the youthful Graeme Garden v.v. attractive. am in fact finding all of their youthful versions quite attractive. AND! we had both a) surprise Mark Gatiss! and b) surprise MARTIN FREEMAN, both talking about The Goodies, am waiting impatiently for surprise Cumberbatch or surprise Steven Moffat, but now I've spotted a pattern it won't happen because it won't be a surprise. 

3. signed up a couple of days ago for [ profile] sherlockmas , hurrah! A wintry Sherlock fanworks exchange. Signups close tomorrow I think. Probably no one reading this will want to sign up, but I'm going to put it out there just because am a bit excited for this. First of its kind I ever did woooo yeah.


A lesson for us all there I think.

by which I mean of course why do people not dance like this all the time
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Soooo I thought maybe this would be a good thing to have up somewhere; that's what people seem to do. 

DISCLAIMER FOR EVERYTHING: These characters are not mine. I make no profit. It is all totally made up.

All most of this is archived at the AO3. If something isn't it's usually because it's a kink meme fill and I'm trying to find a deep and serious title for it. The RPF is friendslocked due to the potential for extreme embarrassment.

Comments, criticism etc are much appreciated; they're only going to make me better at doing this, aren't they, and especially if you point out something that just doesn't work.

BBC Sherlock fic )

ukulele orchestra )

other things )

deeply meaningful art )
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- "Grit in a sensitive instrument, or a crack in one of his own high-power lenses, would not be more disturbing than a strong emotion in a nature such as his." - Watson on Holmes, A Scandal In Bohemia


my absolute favourite favourite music at the moment: Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, a freaking amazing 70s funk-ish outfit from Benin. Info for the first album put out by Analog Africa, and for the second here. Analog Africa CDs are really, really nicely put together, come with seriously good booklets full of info & photos & images of the original record covers, which is essential for this kind of band because otherwise you'd know nothing about them at all. There are samples you can listen to over at the links, below is a youtube of the first track from "Echos Hypnotiques."

THEY ARE JUST THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER. On one album they're credited as T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, the T.P. standing for Tout Puissant. Which means "All Powerful". How cool is that? (a hint as to my opinion: VERY COOL INDEED.) And in all the photos there are like... fifteen of them. I love giant bands! I love bands that call themselves orchestras - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Mr Mcfall's Chamber Orchestra (ok they really are a chamber orchestra), and now Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou. I'd probably like Arcade Fire a lot more if they owned up and started calling themselves Tout-Puissant Orchestre Poly-Instrumentale de Montreal.


lots of pictures

pretty people, music people, old movie films )


god i love pictures of people cycling. )


peter cook, a beautiful tragic hilarious man )

MULTIHOLMES TIME, I think these are all from fuckyeahsherlock.

many holmeses of varying eras )

This may be the actual longest post I've ever made.
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 There are a couple of different things that fed into this one: 

three things that coagulated together into one lovely blob )

About 1200 words. John/Sherlock. Original thread here, my fill here. Sex. Sex! Please note there is sex behind the cut. Pyjamas was the prompt, which obviously means morning breakfast conversations, that staple of original Holmes canon.

The short version:

"John," said Sherlock, in his pyjamas, "I appear to be having sexual thoughts about you."

"Well, Sherlock, I should probably kiss you and see how it turns out," said John, also probably in his pyjamas.

"OK then," said Sherlock, after some deliberation.

And then John bloody well planted one on him, hurrah.


john is a man at ease with his own sexuality and his pyjamas and also Sherlock's pyjamas )
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As always: these characters are not mine, I make no profit, all is for fun.


One piece of fanon I love is the Shock Blanket. John or Sherlock pull it out whenever they need it at home. But at the end of ASIP, Sherlock chucks it into the open window of a police car. I would love a 5+1 fic explaining how they now own a Shock Blanket!

So here we go.

Five Attempts The Orange Shock Blanket Made To Infiltrate 221B & The One Where It Was Allowed To Stay.

(Original thread, which includes a link to a previous but not quite the same prompt/fill (v. v. cute), my fill, which I screwed up by double posting part of it, eugh. It's about 1000 words, not explicit, not violent, no swears, but it is (quite understatedly) Sherlock/John.)

Five Attempts The Orange Shock Blanket Made To Infiltrate 221B & The One Where It Was Allowed To Stay. )

self indulgent notes )


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