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here is a poem that I actually think is good, and I thought I was going to put the title under the cut tag because it is the kind of title that predisposes you to think a certain thing, but hey.


For I have seen love
and his face is choice Heart of Hearts,
a flesh of pure fire, fusing from the center
where all Motion is one.

And I have known
despair that the Face has ceased to stare
at me with the Rose of the world
but lies furled

in an artificial paradise it is Hell to get into.
If I knew you were there
I would fall upon my knees and plead to God
to deliver you in my arms once again.

But it is senseless to try.
One can only take means to reduce misery,
confuse the sensations so that this Face,
what aches in the heart and makes each new

start less close to the source of desire,
fade from the flesh that fires the night,
with dreams and infinite longing.

now for some talking. also another poem it reminds me of. )
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I shall now give you the greatest gift that a person can ever give. The gift of DIRTY MEDIEVAL POETRY. Today, in between "Jesus contrasts man and himself" and "A Warning to Those who Serve Lords", there was this: "I Have A Noble Cock." To which the person who had the book before me had responded ever so eloquently:  <--- FNAR! they had written. Ever so daintily. I hereby reproduce the fnarsomeosity:

64. I have a noble cock.   (early 15th century)

I have a gentle cock
Croweth me day:
He doth me risen erly,
My matins for to say.

I have a gentle cock
Comen he is of gret
His comb is of red coral
His tail is of jet.

I have a gentle cock
Comen he is of kinde:
His comb is of red coral
His tail is of inde

His legges ben of azur
So gentle and so smale:
His spores arn of silver whit
Into the wortewale.

His eyen are of cristal
Loken aul in aumber:
And every night he percheth him
In mine ladye's chaumber.


I am tempted to screen for adult content


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