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it is MOVIE QUOTE MEME time! Behind the cut are 15 20 21 quotes from movies I have a degree of mad love for. You know the drill. (If you know the kind of movies I tend to love madly, you probably have some kind of advantage.) I think I've probably mentioned some of these in the past? And now I look at the quotes again there are at least two definite trends. Ah well. I know am fairly sure there are some that people will definitely get.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:25 am
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1. I really, really need a haircut. It is getting ridiculous. Every couple of days, I think to myself, "Self, you need a haircut!" And yet nothing has come to pass!

2. The thing about Heath Ledger is that I was a massive fan when I was about twelve or thirteen, because of 10 Things I Hate About You, which I still think is pretty much a perfect teen movie. They went on a paintballing date! He sang 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'! Julia Stiles threw up on his shoes! (And it had Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it!) And, even disregarding Brokeback, he grew up into an actual decent actor. He was really good in I'm Not There, for one thing, playing easily the most unsympathetic of the Dylan incarnations.

3. The thing about Konnie Huq is that she's been on Blue Peter for about ten years, and I think I even remember her first ever episode. I thought she was awesome when I was about ten. I am even slightly weirded out by the thought of someone replacing her. The things of our childhood are passing away! First Harry Potter, now this!

4. I saw No Country For Old Men on Saturday, and it was amazing. I am trying to work out a time to go and see it again. Seriously. (And some people will tell you the ending is unsatisfactory, but I will tell you that those people are missing the point, and also do not understand The Rules, in particular The Rules Of Morality In Movies By The Coen Brothers.)

5. I also saw Heima, which is a concert movie/documentary with Sigur Ros, following them as they do a series of free concerts in small towns and villages in Iceland. It is filled with the most fantastically beautiful shots of Icelandic scenery. Also, Sigur Ros are endearing and lovely. They even talk. I think the only reason their image is "strange people who are also from Iceland" is that they aren't very keen on talking - and are also from Iceland. (Here is an infamously terrible interview with Sigur Ros, where there is basically complete miscommunication and the band barely utters a single word.)

6. I think I am in love with my bike. I now glide serenely about Cambridge being serene! It takes me seven minutes to get to places instead of twenty! This is an all-around improvement, I feel.
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Several things I have to say, and I keep on making lists in my head, and then they get overtaken by other stuff (LIKE HEROES OMG but that post will have to wait) so here is a HAIL of INFORMATION for you:

- the facebook group I set up for the Fast Ood Rockers song has reached 153 members! I am shocked and appalled and weirdly gratified!

- I have been home, in London, for nearly a week now (yes, I have disgustingly short terms), and have accomplished absolutely nothing! Oh wait, I did eat some bagels. That was eventful, guys!

- Also! I watched Midnight Cowboy the other night and kept on meaning to make a big insightful post about it, but it is late and I have lost all my deep meaningful thoughts; nevertheless, here are some:

- Randomly, I am sick of people saying (not to me, in general life) "Well, you're not exactly tolerant if you aren't tolerating me and my homophobia/ racism/ xenophobia! Ho ho ho." Like they have somehow outwitted someone.

- I also watched the original Ocean's 11 (1960, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, etc) which is by no means a great movie, and informs us that the best candidates for remakes are things that weren't particularly good to start with.
-  Incidentally, I really want a remake of Wings. I genuinely think that silent movies are obvious candidates for remakes. Not Buster Keaton or anyone like that who's really iconic - that would be pointless - but the dramas and so on that were massively famous way back when but are barely watched at all today. It's really easy to watch Wings and think how it could be made better! Perhaps there would be gay sex. WHO KNOWS. Gus Van Sant could direct.
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Is it my imagination or is Prick Up Your Ears some kind of terrible pun? Also, Gary Oldman is absolutely made of sex in this movie. He is slouching about! In leather jackets! And smirking at attractive men! And, yes, being hideously, casually, callously cruel to his lover, but still, smirking! And although Sirius Black and Sid Vicious are clearly the same person (heroin overdose? I smell a Muggle cover-up!), Joe Orton is  very clearly not the same person as either of them and therefore I am forced to conclude that Joe Orton was a slightly unsavoury yet very charming cousin of the Black family. The script is completely brilliant, too.

Joe Orton: Do you read my diary?
Kenneth Halliwell (defensively): No.
Joe Orton: My mum did. I used to have to put the dirty bits in shorthand.

No, seriously, Joe Orton was a Slytherin! He's all "Innocents are the ones who get hurt," and "My plays are about people who get away with it, I've got away with it for a long time and I'm going to continue doing so."

Aaaaand now! I finally get round to talking about THAT BOOK. Spoilers, obviously.

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This is, in fact, the post I was going to make on Monday, and then the internet broke. and then there were the zombies.

 So here’s my account of the Hot Fuzztival, way way past the point at which it was relevant:



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Thing 1: If you have not yet seen the last two eps of Torchwood, YOU NEED TO DO SO. RIGHT NOW. Especially the one called Captain Jack Harkness aka episode 12, because, I swear, that was the best episode of the entire season (and not just for the obvious and happymaking reason, which people who have seen it will know well)

Thing 2: The Green Wing special completely and utterly restored my faith. *HEART ESSPLODES*

Thing 3: Er, Casino Royale kind of rocks, too. *is late to everything*

Thing 4: dear robin, I just got your christmas card literally just now, and it made me laugh, and I said to my parents "It is very funny and you cannot read it ever!" and my parents were all, "Oh, okay." That is all.


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