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Nov. 29th, 2007 02:15 pm
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I have realised something! The times I get really, really into Due South are spaced nearly exactly six months apart! I had a minor and I think mostly secret crazy phase in Aprilish of last year, then another one in November of 2006, then a rather unfortunately timed one in May this year (um, really sorry to all who encountered me then), and then I spent all yesterday watching episodes and being crazy to myself, and now I have realised that I'm on some kind of TIMER. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. THEY ARE IN LOVE

WHO are in love, you ask?

ALL OF THEM, I reply, with a slightly glazed expression. IT IS ALL WONDERFUL. YES. I will have to quarantine myself near the end of May next year.

In other news, I have emerged from a general malaise that lasted several weeks, and pretty much finished on Friday. I have double-underlined that day. There is "before midnight on friday" and "after midnight on friday", and the after is a billion times cheerier than the before. I think the cheer lapsed once or twice, but it is all greatly improved.

In other other news, I am going to a lecture this evening (alerted by [ profile] kenovay) on runes and queer theory. I KNOW. I don't quite know what I am hoping for, but probably lashings of AWESOME.
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Firstly there is Doctor Who (ZOMG!) in incoherent sporfling )

So also I have been watching Due South a lot, and it is also teh awesome )

Anyway, Doctor Who had one of the few season-ends this year that completely worked for me. Grey's Anatomy ended well, Life on Mars also, but Veronica Mars just went crazy near the end, plus I had a few issues with the finale of Supernatural, and GREEN WING ZOMG I DO NOT SPEAK OF THE EVILITUDE OF THAT ENDING.


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