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1. The debut EP from The Marauders (aka [profile] strangeumbrella & co) has landed! If you like ukuleles, and people from the internet, and cover versions, then this is the perfect synthesis! If you don't like ukuleles, people from the internet, and cover versions - even Pretty Darn Awesome cover versions - then The Marauders EP is clearly the only cure. Here is their myspace. May it bring you joy.

2. The lecture was really called 'Runic Inscriptions and Queer Theory', and was all about how instead of being bigoted and rejecting any rune stone that deviated from 'normal', we should all accept and enfold in our hearts the queer, deviant, homosexual rune stones. Also there was a guy called Atti and a guy called Etti and they were in love and one of them died and the other put up a memorial rune stone in Varinge in Sweden, only they were freed slaves and so didn't have much money so the rune stone was carved by someone who really wasn't that good . But it was made with love. It is a tragic tale of love and heartbreak. I want dibs on the movie rights. It will be as if Ingmar Bergman made Brokeback Mountain.

3. There is a song. It is called 'Song 4 Kylie (I'm In Love With A Girl In A Time Machine)'. It is one part Goldfrapp, one part Doctor Who, and fifteen parts AWESOME. It is by - wait for it - the Fast Ood Rockers. Christmas number one material if I ever saw it. Join the Facebook group.
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Wolfgang Tillmans is a photographer. I think he's amazing, and I only realised the other day that he was the one who wrote this essay on male and female nudity and what constitutes obscenity, a couple of years ago when Franz Ferdinand guest-edited the Guardian. I liked it so much that I kept that day's paper, and I think still have it.

I sort of think maybe everyone's seen these: hideously bad album covers. But oh, they make me happy. Ditto for these heartbreaking works of staggering genius.

Tarantino explains the homoerotic subtext of Top Gun. Really.

I bought The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh in San Francisco airport, and read it during my first few days in the USA, and loved it. When we were in Pittsburgh, me and [profile] immoralilly (who I lent it to and who loved it even more than I did) went to find the Lost Neighbourhood and the Cloud Factory because of it:
And I was initially glad that there's a film adaptation in the works, and that Peter Sarsgaard had been cast as Cleveland. Only then I discovered that Arthur Lecomte, who is not only sexy and delicious but is also one of the three main characters, had been cut out entirely. Odd, I thought. Also upsetting. This script review from Film Ick pretty much confirms what I thought: Phlox's character is being superimposed on Jane's, Arthur's on Cleveland; there are good things in the script, there are bad things, but what's been cut out seems irreparable.

Finally, two mild shocks:

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Last night I dreamed that I failed all my A-levels. Then I was making a documentary about the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, apparently to earn money. I was still very very distraught about the A-levels, having not yet worked out I was asleep, and then Will and Jonty announced they were getting married and I woke up. It was very odd.

In other news, I have been watching very very old Doctor Who, 'The Dalek Invasion Of Earth', on ancient ancient VHS! like whoa! it is the First Doctor, and the title sequence is really really trippy, all black-and-white swirly blobs. *stares* The Daleks are possibly scarier. And the title music is all on some weird electronic instrument. It sounds like nothing on earth.
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Firstly there is Doctor Who (ZOMG!) in incoherent sporfling )

So also I have been watching Due South a lot, and it is also teh awesome )

Anyway, Doctor Who had one of the few season-ends this year that completely worked for me. Grey's Anatomy ended well, Life on Mars also, but Veronica Mars just went crazy near the end, plus I had a few issues with the finale of Supernatural, and GREEN WING ZOMG I DO NOT SPEAK OF THE EVILITUDE OF THAT ENDING.


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