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 The snow. The ice. THE SNOW. I am amazed by it. This evening, I am being a failcake by myself in London, wearing three jumpers and watching youtube clips of Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell.

[ profile] immoralilly  WON Nanowrimo! which if you are not familiar with it means she wrote 50,000 words of her MAGNUM OPUS in thirty days. GO HER. She also informed me about the recent episode of awesome 18th century lawyer drama Garrow's Law that had JIM MORIARTY i.e. Andrew Scott in it as a tormented Molly accused of sexually assaulting a cobbler, which you can watch on iPlayer. I love that whenever anyone does 18th century stuff now they have to work in a Molly-house - hands up if you remember City Of Vice! Now that was a hot mess of a show. Garrow's Law is sometimes crazily written ([ profile] immoralilly  in her description of this episode referred to the writing as "whack", fact fans!) but I do think it works; I am also very caught up in the epically noble love between Garrow and Lady Sarah, they are in looooove, they keep talking about having sex, they are accused of adultery but are TOO NOBLE to have actually Done It. (I should point out that the real life Garrow and Sarah had two children together in the 1780s - before they were married. I like that better even than the suppressed!passion story we're getting, actually.)

(Are you interested in 18th century homosexual practices and the law regarding them? You so are. Hie thee hence to read up on it - link goes to a smorgasbord of court transcripts, newspaper editorials, letters to the press, satirical ballads and so on. Also: here, if you scroll down, is the show's historical researcher on the real cases that are referenced in the show.)

OHHHH CRAP I am freaking out a bit, CHECK THIS OUT: Sherlock screening at Clapham picturehouse! with Q&A with Moffat & Gatiss! oh god, it's my local-ish as well. excuse me while i suppress my hyperventilating enough to buy a ticket.

UGGGGH there we go then, that's today's unnecessary splurging. Aha I get to use my complicated acronym tag once again, it stands for 'all the gay there is: no really there is quite a lot" in case you could not guess.

ETA for more reasons to watch Garrow's Law:
- Liz White aka ANNIE from Life On Mars as the cobbler's vengeful wife!
- the immortal line, "I think you'll agree that a hand on another man's shoulder is anatomically and by degree some distance from SODOMY!"
- the immortal dialogue: "Let us suppose.... that a man is of the sodomitical tendency." - and after a long pause - "Why would we do that." - "LET US SUPPOSE IT."
- the show actually dealing with the fact that a woman's property and even her child is at this stage legally her husband's property, that Lady Sarah cannot even get a change of clothes from her house without his permission.
- freaking LESTRADE himself, Rupert Graves, as the jealous husband of Lady Sarah who won't believe she has actually been faithful to him

moar ETA for: EDWARDIAN FARM! How could I forget, god I love it so much. Yes, I do have a massively inappropriate Lord King Bad Ship for this - Alex and Peter, the historical reenactors! There was an episode where one of them started feeling up the other one's ears? I forget why, something to do with sheep. And then tried to cover it by feeling up his own, ha, subtle.
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a.k.a. I love Velvet Goldmine, but because Iggy Pop and David Bowie were funny and did odd things and were also kind of heartwrenching (and are actually real) here are some pictures, youtube clips of interviews, etc, from the era.

david bowie says he's a cyborg! iggy pop is inspired by electrical equipment! )
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On Saturday I had an unbearable urge to watch Velvet Goldmine. I looked it up on youtube and watched some of it, then thought, "Self, this is inadequate! The picture is tiny! The quality is distinctly suboptimal!" and so I leaped onto my bike in quest of it. "It's only five to six," said I, "I WILL MAKE IT TO THE HMV."

BUT WOE! The HMV had it not. "What kind of a place is this," I muttered, "this so-called 'shop', when it doesn't have EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT IT." I bitterly reined in my anger as I stalked the aisles. "A place with no genderbending glittery 70s musical pseudo-Bowie-biography in stock is no place at all!"

I emerged, dejected, at one minute to six. Was this to be the end? Would I have to order it from Amazon and wait an interminable number of days? Then in the distance I saw a sign that was a CLARION CALL to my SOUL. FOPP, it said, and my heart twinkled. I went forth! I obtained it! I also obtained a forties Sherlock Holmes movie (BASIL RATHBONE AWWWW YEAH).

far too much talking about velvet goldmine )

Anyway this has got much too long. I was going to add some clips of interviews and so on to continue in the vein of Taking It Too Bloody Seriously but that will have to be in another post. PART TWO.
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- except then I think and realise that actually there is only one subject, and that is - Sherlock Holmes!

quite frankly the first half of the above clip - from the 1970 film The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes, improbably directed by Billy Wilder- is my favourite thing ever right now. 
(from about 2.55 to 3.50 is the essential part; after that it devolves into humiliation for Watson and a very 1970s and slightly creepy portrayal of "gay"; when Watson confronts Holmes here it picks up a little.)

oh, stuff )
anyway, I was going somewhere but forgot. So let us switch focus! The upcoming Holmes movie(s). I am perhaps not the most excited about the Guy Ritchie one. The rumoured Sacha Baron Cohen/ Will Ferrell one actually interests me more. And I have tried to work out why, in statistical format!

likelihood of this cut tag containing the word 'likelihood': moderate to high )


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