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am back in london, land of central heating and fast internet, have never felt so tender towards sweet pretty London as I do now

ETA: there was a tin of anchovies in my bed and I have no readily accessible pyjamas. New Year's Resolutions: acquire more pyjamas, check bed for anchovies. (The tin was unopened.)

a) Here are the fic exchange stories I wrote:

1. My [ profile] holmestice  story, for [ profile] gabe1990 , SO MUCH FUN, so ludicrous though

The Giant Rat Of Sumatra, For Which The World Is Not Yet Prepared

which is 2500 words-ish, Sherlock/John established relationship, R. Post-case. Is that a Thing? (It is now.) I think my favourite comment was someone who said 'everyone's having so much FUN in this', I thought to myself, 'yeah I write stories where people have fun!' In my head this story is gen. But I was worried people would read it and not get that in my head they were together - 'damn,' I thought, 'better write in a blowjob just to make sure!' so er I did.

2. My [ profile] yuletide  story, for [ profile] girl_called_sun  - for Whites, a BBC sitcom about a restaurant kitchen, which had Alan Davies as head chef Roland White, Katharine Parkinson as his restaurant manager, a bunch of brilliant people in it all around. Oh I loved writing this so much, I love this show so much - and it doesn't even have a wikipedia page, as far as I can tell. (ETA how do I use wikipedia? Literally quite badly. It does too have a wikipedia page, ok have failed basic internet skills will have to find a new low to sink to)

Pancakes Day

2300 wordsish. TEAM GEN! \o/ Not that these people work particularly well as a team. Ensemble gen. And it really IS gen, and not even gen-with-blowjobs. (If you're curious - as well as Whites, I volunteered to write for Raffles, Stalky & Co, Adam Adamant Lives!, and Misfits; they all had stories written for them except Stalky. I had something loosely planned for Raffles and AAL!, and had a ton of Thoughts about Misfits, and was totally terrified of getting Stalky.)

b) New Year's Resolutions: fanfic fanfic fanfic. But! More importantly!: I have decided to learn to whistle. I have never been able to whistle, but I decided to learn yesterday morning, and I have been steadily working at it since then (and irritating everyone around me) and I can SORT OF BASICALLY MAKE A NOISE. Next: TUNES. After that: ATTRACTING TAXIS, and then sending them away because actually I take the tube.

c) yuletide yuletide yuletide? Yuletide yuletide. Yuletide! Yuletide. I am not done.

Date: 2011-01-05 01:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
flying comment because I DEFFO need to go to bed:
- holy shit awesome I need to read all of these things
- fuck I love Whites, also it does have a wikipedia page! How do you use wikipedia
- On the train today I read the Raffles story where after you know, however many stories of fun jewel heists, he's suddenly like "so I'm going to murder this guy" and Bunny's response is pretty much "okay I'd better come too". whoa whoa HANG ON what

Date: 2011-01-05 02:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
what am I on? Literally, what am I on???


GOD I LOVE WHITES, I love every character to DEATH, I made Caroline a bit too world-weary though in the fic, not goofy, that is my chief complaint, also I did not put in enough Skoose

I think I ship Bib/Skoose

I genuinely thought when it aired that they were building up to a 'Bib has crisis of sexuality' story? Genuinely thought that.

Date: 2011-01-05 07:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
holy crap that monty python story is amazing

holy crap

Date: 2011-01-05 08:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
also there was a really exciting trailer on just now for some kind of documentary about DERREN BROWN, it used phrases like 'unprecedented access' and there was Matt Lucas's head in a jar, I think this might be pretty great


the sherlock screening tomorrow, you're going aren't you, DO YOU WANT TO HANG OUT


am getting tired of the word 'bromance' used in relation to John/Sherlock, for one thing I really don't think that's what's going on between them? Neither of them are bros. And bromance suggests a kind of ease and openness, these are not Sherlocky things

Date: 2011-01-05 09:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Multiple replies! this isn't even a proper one here because I am still working, need to answer loads of 63336 questions because I am super behind (were you about on lj when I got this job, you must have been, I keep assuming people know what I mean when I'm talking about it and then I find out I never told them and they're like 'wtf'), but in a couple of hours or so when I'm done I have important plans to come back and read all this stuff so I can discuss THAT.

- And we will ALSO need to discuss that Python fic, ooooh so excited you have read it

- Derren Brown documentary: I am so psyched for this, I think it's on as part of a Derren Brown night in a couple of weeks? AMAZING also we are excited because I think in it he goes back to his old school and where he grew up, ie where I live, and my family are genuinely looking forward to being like "I RECOGNISE THAT ROAD HE'S WALKING ALONG" etc

- okay no I was actually replying because I thought I should do admin for SHERLOCK SCREENING: yes yes I am going indeed! I have dinner plans with a bunch of people who aren't going to it beforehand, but we should like meet up at the place and say hello, for deffs. Am I right in thinking it's at 8.30? Isn't that bizarrely late? But anyway I think I'm having dinner with some people at Embankment at 6ish so ummmm when will we come to the cinema, I guess for about 8pm? And also I'll be with [ profile] lo0o0ony_lauren and [ profile] cathamarine, are you with anybody?

- okay back to questions, better things from me later

Date: 2011-01-05 11:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
no I remember when you got that job, so I understand your arcane references

- that fic makes me, idk, GLAD TO BE A HUMAN BEING

- ah Derren Brown night, that makes sense

- lol admin. I thought I was going with [ profile] immoralilly, I called her up and hyperventilated down the phone at her WEEKS ago, when I first saw the tickets on sale, but it has taken until THIS EVENING to realise that she thought I meant the 6th of february. Hence have spare ticket am trying to find someone for.

Date: 2011-01-06 02:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
SMALL HOURS ADMIN, as ever, hello I've been reading all the things and now I'm back. Everything is marvellous. I've never done yuletide before and now I want to. Next year! I'll probably be unemployed so I'll have no excuse. Okay there are two strands of this comment thread I haven't addressed properly:

- John/Sherlock bromance: I think this is a good point, I think a bromance connotes a certain type of male/male relationship that they don't have. Because it relies on the two parties being quite self-consciously 'masculine' in a way that neither of them really are, or at least Sherlock certainly isn't. And that ease and openness etc. I seem to remember a prompt on the meme that asked for Sherlock/John bromance, as in literally a bromance where they are like bros, which was quite a funny idea, I'm not sure if it ever got written. But that, in itself, pretty much proves that most of the time, that is not what they have.

- okay that GOD DAMN MONTY PYTHON FIC. I'm pretty sure I've read most of the bits of it more than once but I still, at some point, need to find a point where I have a lot of uninterrupted time, and sit down and read the entire thing all over again, and just try to deal with it, because I don't think I have yet. It's worth saying--idk if you did but I went and looked on the author's lj to see if they'd said anything about it, and there is a whole post here with a list of all the different bits and easter eggs etc? And I had only found about HALF of them before reading that list.

It's just - it reminded me how exciting storytelling can be, how fascinating and rewarding it is when somebody plays around with form like that, sort of like the first time you read a 'choose your own adventure' book and are ASTOUNDED by the idea of a story that doesn't just run from start to finish. And with the internet, with all the possibilities of hidden pages and video and images that that fic explores so well - why isn't there stuff like this all over the place? For a couple of days, as always happens when I read something that utterly blows me away, I became convinced there was no point in me ever writing again. I've changed my mind on that one, but still. It's genuinely made me think: there's so much more I could do than what I do right now.

Also it's heartbreaking and beautiful and perfect etc etc

god it's so good it almost makes me angry

Date: 2011-01-06 01:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
YULETIDE! I had semi-wanted to do it for years, but was freaking TERRIFIED, and only decided to sign up when I actually scrolled down the list of available fandoms and found myself repeatedly thinking, 'oh I love that thing, why is it not more loved'

- was this the prompt where someone immediately replied 'WAS IT A RAD BROMANCE??' oh meme, when you are good you are very very good

- I don't think I've read EVEN HALF of the hidden bits of that god damn monty python fic, I found the list of easter eggs and and yes also want to just sit down and read the whole story again, there is just SO MUCH GOING ON i don't think I can ever have it all in my mind long enough to have coherent thoughts (and ha I was getting pretentious and thinking about Pale Fire, the Nabokov book, which is not quite choose-your-own-adventure, but has a similar 'omg where do I go next?' feel - the way it's all sorts of things other than what it says it is - poem, intro, commentary, index, cross-referencing, so you're always flicking back and forth and not understanding what's going on)

(I think this sort of thing isn't all over the place because a) it's technically more difficult than just writing the story, b) it's the result of feverish yuletide writing, i.e. people do push themselves for yuletide, people take risks and do research and write unusual things, and because you might well be writing the first or second ever story of its kind the pressure is WEIRD)

- and oh graham, oh terry, oh all of them arrrrgggghhhhhhhh

- and oh god I know the feeling

- what else

Date: 2011-01-07 12:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh yeah WHITES!


Roland/Bib is not something I ship, but I keep looking at the show and thinking, 'why do I not ship this??' and the answer keeps on being 'BECASUE THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS SO BEAUTIFUL/TRAGIC/HOPELESS', i.e. the 'friendship is more interesting' line which usually annoys me, but in this case I think it's TRUE

may have mentioned I think I ship Bib/Skoose, Caroline of course ships it too, that line about 'why don't you take off your clothes and wrestle?' - there is just so much stress going on in Bib that he could easily be having a crisis of sexuality and not really notice it as anything different from the usual

also I appear to have a het ship? Caroline/Roland! She closed the door with herself on the inside! I think I loved that.

Kiki is my favourite ever ever ever and the couple of scenes between Kiki and Caroline might be my favourite thing in the entire series

ok bed now

Date: 2011-01-06 11:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can't whistle. Or click my fingers. Sadface.

Date: 2011-01-06 11:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
so I can click my fingers, fairly easily, and most of my family can whistle - my sister can even do that earsplitting fingers-in-mouth wolf-whistle, which I am JEALOUS of - which makes me think that a whistle must be in there! somewhere! And after a couple of days of making whispery draughty noises, I feel like I am improving. On nothing, mind you. But I think what you have to do is find a noise that's more like whistling than anything else you can do and then work on it.

I literally googled 'how to whistle' and this came up. It was sort of helpful.


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