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So I was going to be sneaky and not mention that I did a pinch-hit for [ profile] holmestice until the reveal, but what the hell, someone who is JUST WONDERFUL has made me a thank-you fic, Not-Quite Mother Of Mine, and a wallpaper - for ME! for my VERY OWN! I really wasn't expecting anything, it must have been terrible short notice - and the fic is about MRS HUDSON! and is a DELIGHT! - and the wallpaper is beauteous! I am filled with happy. I feel like I've WON Holmestice, I know that's not the point. THANK YOU KIND PERSON.

I'll say now that if you by some strange chance happened to guess what story I wrote in either of the anon fic exchanges I've taken part in - [ profile] yuletide  and [ profile] holmestice  - or certain *key factors* in my [ profile] sherlockmas  assignment - you probably deserve some sort of prize.

Also: do you want to read an excitingly lengthy discussion between me and [ profile] strangeumbrella  about so many things, but most importantly The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes, the film, the marvellous melancholy film? and some other Holmes stuff, and Merlin, etc - well then, go to the comments to this post here, marvel at our disregard for comment limits, I am amazed by the length of them.

So: now I talk about Misfits! In an attempt to avoid making like three entries in a row. Oh you crazy mixed-up show that you are, Misfits, light of my life, fire of my loins. There are three whole episodes to talk about, what happened? The passage of time happened, that's what.

THE ONE WITH THE MURDEROUS DAD: I liked this! I liked that of course the superhero costumes we saw in the future were fancy dress. Being apparently very very slow I did not get that the dad was the culprit until we literally saw him with, what was it, glowing red eyes and heavy breathing.

I think Misfits is proof that when you have very very strong characterisation you don't particularly mind if the plot goes somewhere you don't really like for a bit. The reveal that Bruno was a gorilla made me go 'ohhhh god, what have you done, stupid show' - but this went away, totally 100%, thirty seconds later, the awful feeling of ridiculousness got FIXED - Kelly said something incredibly Kellyish, Nathan said something Nathan-y, and bam! It's still Misfits-y. Misfits fairly frequently lurches towards ridiculousness and then suddenly it all pulls back together.

THE ONE WITH THE MURDEROUS LACTOSE BOY: I think this one was pretty effective, actually - you feel throughout the episode that things are getting wronger and wronger - the fame etc, the sponsorship, Nathan blowing his brains out live on TV - and then it turns out it is another example of Misfits teasing you with the conventional idea of what happens when people turn up with superpowers, and then saying 'well actually that's not going to happen, SO HA', which is one of the things I enjoy most about the show - you spent a good portion of this episode thinking, 'what, really, is this really where we're going with the story? public superpowers, commercial gain, etc?' and you resist and resist believing that they're going to go with this, while the show is saying 'no look, see, we mean it' and then it turns around and says 'haha, fooled you! OBVIOUSLY we're not going there, what do you take us for!'

What I like about Misfits is the sense that the overall plot is moving on but very, very slowly. It doesn't return to the same place at the end of the episode, it doesn't leap ahead - it feels wrong whenever they seem to move on too far, I am always glad when it is not the case. It is, basically, to do with the main five being so resistant to the superpower thing - they're being dragged into it, not seeking it out; if they think about it at all, they want to ignore it.

THE CHRISTMAS ONE: okay so for the first ten or fifteen minutes I was not not not impressed. I thought, oh god, the Misfits writers have finally bought their own hype, they've written something self-indulgent and annoying and pointless. It picked up when they got to the actual storyline, and yes, good, hurrah, the writers are up to something there, yay cliffhanger.

also: hurrah Edward Hogg hurrah! He was Ariel in a production of The Tempest I saw at the Globe, years ago - Mark Rylance was Prospero. I was sick to death of the play (knew it inside out because it was a set text), but this production it hit just about every button I had. Most reviews weren't too good - it was incredibly difficult to follow if you hadn't just spent a term learning it inside out for AS-levels; three actors sharing out all the parts between them. But this review at the Independent is comparatively good. Edward Hogg I remember sliding between being Miranda and being Ariel, sometimes being both at the same time - it was QUITE WONDERFUL. (The programme had Mark Rylance going on about Jungian archetypes and 'it all makes sense if you accept that the entire play takes place IN PROSPERO'S OWN MIND!' which seemed to my youthful unformed mind totally mad and unhelpful to actually enjoying the production) - I mean, I'm sure he's done other stuff too! people who act tend to - but Ariel-Miranda is what I remember him from.

So Misfits, that was what I meant to talk about. Is it a plot hole that Simon is leaping about and dating Alisha even though Alisha telling Simon he was super!hoodie got erased due to Curtis rewinding time. I did feel a little cheated, I suppose we are meant to assume that they had that conversation anyway? Ugh, it annoyed me, it might just be the clumsiness of the way it was explained - Nathan saying for no real reason 'oh you with your GIRLFRIEND and flat etc' - that skated over quite a lot that's clearly happened in these three months.

Misfits! You can't all of a sudden pretend things happen offscreen. Offscreen things aren't for you to decide! That's what fanfic is for. (Speaking of which, three month window for fic writers to have shenanigans ensue! WHY HELLO.)

(Have realised that I keep talking about 'Misfits writers' when it is of course just Howard Overman. Who wrote two of the absolute absolute best Merlin episodes there've been - 'Sins of the Father' (Sins of the Father!) and 'The Labyrinth of Gedref'. (UNICORNS.) - and also a couple I found annoying, shhh. Maybe this explains the weird lurching Misfits does!)

YEAH SO, okay, I was ultimately won over by the Christmas episode - I get the feeling quite a few people were unhappy with it? IDK, really, have been avoiding spoilers. I still wasn't too into: Nathan and the pregnant girl. Yet more Simon-and-Alisha-having-sex - so much sex! they have had more sex than just about anyone else on this show. 

I actually laughed HYSTERICALLY (does this count as a pun) at the afterbirth scene. Oh god what. Sometimes I think they have Nathan say/do awful things just for the sake of it - what I like is when Nathan does something ridiculous/awful that's not intentionally awful, like here, where he genuinely thought the poor girl's placenta might be some alien creature.

lastly: I have a account now. Basically everybody show me your last fms so I can add you.
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