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I'm sitting in a coffee shop and it's icy cold even INDOORS and just diagonally opposite is a man who either is Alastair Campbell or looks very very like him. AM TRYING NOT TO LOOK AT HIM, IT IS NOT A SOCIALLY OK THING TO DO, STARING, EVEN TO GLANCE MORE THAN ONCE DRAWS ATTENTION TO YOU a bit more than it should

I know no one watches it but my faaaavourite currently airing (apart from Misfits) show, Edwardian Farm, was on last night! They did Edwardian-style tin mining and copper scavenging and wassailed an apple tree! I know a lot of people find Ruth Goodman, one of the historical re-enacting presenters, irritating - but I think it's really NICE to have someone so keen and so clearly massively excited about living like an Edwardian. And there is one person called Peter and one called Alex and no I cannot prevent myself from slashing them, not when they wear such nice waistcoats and look like they're having so much FUN. Goddd what am I on

SPEAKING OF MISFITS: HOW IS IT SO GREAT, am talking about last week because otherwise I will forget to, and tonight there is more. I love that in the space of about a fortnight it has become a legitimate THING that PEOPLE ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT.

I love that they introduce a whole new character and then just kill him off. I loved Kelly being surly in the wedding dress, I really liked the way Nikki got tied into the story - I'd seen people commenting on the fact that she has a scar down the middle of her chest in the scene where she starts disrobing in front of Curtis, but hadn't made the connection to her heart problem. 

I spent most of the episode thinking 'Simon and Alisha are too happy, something's going to happen, something AWFUL,' because in Misfits-time two episodes is a long time to spend being blissfully happy. And ohh yes something happened. 

I'm not too sad about future!Simon's death - I think I do actually prefer present!Simon. Who is of course still around, YAY FOR THAT. idk, I like it when the outsidery character retains their outsider quality, I think they managed it with future!Simon but even so. 

And also the jumpsuits! They're the most Misfits-y when they're all in the jumpsuits. Future!Simon didn't wear an orange jumpsuit.

NOW FOR MERLIN: I was alas not made particularly happy by that last episode. There were some awesome things in it -

- MERLIN'S LITTLE FACE provides much joy
- EPIC MERLIN/LANCELOTNESS: in my head Merlin awkwardly flirted with Lancelot when Lancelot first showed up, and Lancelot is straight and so gently but kindly rebuffed him, and said 'it's ok, just BE WHO YOU ARE' and this is why they are EPIC BFFS.
- GWAINE'S AWESOME PESSIMISM, Gwaine in general just delights me

But overall I was unsatisfied. I just wish the writers would move the story on. I wish they tried to vary thing more than the only three plots they ever do: it's a rare episode indeed that isn't either 'a magical beast infiltrates the castle, Merlin has to kill it', 'there is a tournament', or (the rarest because it requires filming elsewhere than the castle) 'Arthur and/or Merlin have to retrieve a magical object from somewhere'.

And I am finally I think tired of there being no subtlety written into this show - what subtlety there is happens because of the acting. Like when Arthur's fighting his father in the eleventy-billionth episode-that-has-a-tournament, 'The Sorcerer's Shadow', which I liked quite a lot, there are shots of Bradley James's face which seem to show Arthur suddenly seeing his father in a totally new way - as bitter, aging, clinging to power, etc etc, and having right there a moment where he grows up a lot by deciding he has to preserve his father's sense of his own capability; I remember thinking 'oh wow there we go, that's some nice complex emotion being shown there' - that moment that everyone has when they realise their parents are getting older, or are vulnerable, or are flawed. But that wasn't written into the show - or the writers don't think it's interesting - which is shown by the fact that this moment (which could lead to a really interesting and more subtle dynamic) is almost immediately undone by that scene where Uther tells Arthur he knows Arthur let him win.

I STILL LOVE MERLIN, do not get me wrong here, this episode just left me not feeling the love so much

Sooo there is more Misfits tonight, and WHAT, what will happen? Every time you think you have a handle on what Misfits is trying to do, your expectations end up totally fucked.
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