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 1. [ profile] strangeumbrella  has finished & posted her VERY VERY GOOD meme-prompted Sherlock/Sebastian in-university-days fic!

Unattached, Like Me - for the prompt: Sebastian was the type of guy who was used to having whatever, and whomever, he wanted.

And it shows a Sebastian who's not a great person but, you know, not totally awful, who's convincingly both quite attracted to Sherlock and constantly wrongfooted by him - especially about the nature of their attraction. Characterisation, hilarity, acheyness, altogether totally this is how things went down when the two of them met.

2. This is NSFW because of filthy language, if you've seen series 1 of Misfits the lines they're rehearsing will be familiar. Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan joking around about Iwan's Welshness.

3. And over here are some fiiiiiine images of Iwan Rheon and Robert Sheehan being literally quite attractive in suits.

4. did I mention that in less than 36 hours their characters on Misfits are going to be awkwardly gayish for about a minute for however long the plot requires it? THAT'S QUITE EXCITING TO ME.

5. And here is some fiiiiiiiine Nathan/Simon fic by [ profile] nimuu  - Growing Pains - which manages to be really and truly kind of hot despite all viewers of Misfits having seen (and laughed at) practically every character's orgasm face. The summary is: Nathan is having a fair amount of sexual adventures with Simon, that are in no way gay, and are in no way significant. Oh, Misfits characters! so incredibly messed up you are, and as [ profile] nimuu  says, beautiful and vulgar. 

6. am excited for my fic exchange assignments! My [ profile] sherlockmas one will be SUPER INTERESTING to write. Ha there are like 25 people doing it so I will say NOTHING. My [ profile] yuletide  one - well, I made the mistake of a) getting ahead precautionarily and going too far on the wrong thing i.e. something I didn't get assigned, and b) stalking the yulegoat post (where people write to their writers) and discovering a couple of really amazing pieces of canon. One in particular seriously distracted me for about six hours from just about everything I was supposed to be doing, I really hope she who requested it actually gets something for it. So I managed to wrench myself away and am now going back through sweet sweet canon and making notes and a playlist and everything. It's not something I've ever mentioned on lj, I think, but if I've spoken to you in rl in recent months I might have mentioned it. Oh such *secrecy* and *hintyness*, basically I would love to talk about it with people but no one on lj or rl that I know is particularly a fan. Except for my aunt and that's just not a conversation I ever need to have.

7. ETA OMG: I am sort of proud. I mean, unless it turns horridly violent, but right now I looked out of the window of the library, saw three helicopters, thought 'something is afoot in Londontown', went on the BBC news site - and there is a massive protest going on in Whitehall.

Date: 2010-11-25 12:58 am (UTC)
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some misc things
- aw man that is lovely of you to link that
- by the WAY, I have seen two (2) episodes of Misfits ever, the first two, since Sunday, and I really liked it, so eventually at some point I guess I will catch up with this series? jsyk
- Also I spent the entire first episode being like WHY DO I RECOGNISE THE QUIET ONE and then I realised he was briefly in Grandma's House; did you ever watch that? He was excellent in it as the actor Simon Amstell is hopelessly in love with and is QUITE POSSIBLY based on Ben Whishaw
- unrelated to everything, the other day I listened to that CD from ages ago, do you remember, when you sent out mix CDs? It's still excellent and I have had Tesla's Hotel Room in my head for like three days now

Date: 2010-11-25 07:47 am (UTC)
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- asdgfgagfg YES Grandma's House! I thought 'well who could this character be based on, got to be based on someone' and then about a MONTH later thought 'OMG he's totally mean to be Ben Whishaw, Simon Amstell has/had a crush on Ben Whishaw, why else give him a name so unnecessarily similar'

- i mean, that whole twitchy seriousness thing, the 'greatest actor of his generation' thing, who else could it be

- misfits! MISFITS! it's not really taking over, I swear, it's just there keeps being MORE of it


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