Jan. 6th, 2011

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 I was looking at this - the wikipedia glossary of cricketing terms - and came across the following:


I. a particularly bad batsman, usually a specialist bowler. A "rabbit" often seems unsure of how he should even hold his bat, as typified by Phil Tufnell, Allan Donald, Courtney Walsh, Glenn McGrath and Chris Martin. See also ferret.[1]
II. The term is also used for a higher order batsman who is out frequently to the same bowler, although then most often in the form bunny; for example, Ricky Ponting is sometimes described by commentators as "Harbhajan's bunny".


This must be why Bunny's nickname is Bunny, and Raffles keeps calling him 'rabbit', i.e. 'bunny' is in fact slightly less of a bizarre nickname than it seems and is also yet another cricketing metaphor. Maybe this is common knowledge, idk. (Raffles is both a great bowler and a great batsman. Is the idea that Bunny is 'a higher order batsman who is out frequently to the same bowler' yet another of those lovely almost double-entendres that lend themselves so well to slashiness? I think so.)

ETA: can't really imagine Bunny being 'a higher order batsman'? Am I misremembering the stories? or in fact 'a specialist bowler'. I can imagine him being terrifically clumsy at cricket, certainly a bad batsman (but maybe an ok bowler which is why he was playing at all?) who would have frequently been out to Raffles; possibly Raffles showing his cruel streak there. In that boarding school necessary-oppression-of-the-junior-ticks sort of way.


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