Dec. 29th, 2010

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What I would really like to talk about is RAFFLES, but apparently Christmas isn't really over (N.B. I AM QUITE READY FOR IT TO BE OVER) and I am putting off Raffles yet again, have been meaning to talk about Raffles since, erm, quite a while ago. Before Christmas at any rate. (I've got the Graham Greene play, The Return of AJ Raffles, in my sticky little hands, and have had enough time to get to about page three, where Bosie (YES THAT ONE) tells Bunny he doesn't fancy him any more because prison's made Bunny thin? How did this get written, how is this a real item that libraries actually possess. Also: [ profile] sherlockmas  assignment! almost done - almost

I've signed up to [ profile] thegameison_sh  - there's a challenge each month, plus bonus assignments, you're put on a team, you try and get points - the commitment isn't massive, the maximum fic size is 750 words, the monthly challenges are the only compulsory ones.

Pimping banner ahoy! Join! Join! JOIN! Signups close soon! Like, next day or two!

join [ profile] thegameison_sh

Sign-up post here!

MAYBE YOU WILL BE ON MY TEAM. Is that an enticement? not necessarily. Speaking of fic challenge communities, I'm wondering if there's a Holmes flashfic comm. This may be one of those occasions where simply wishing something exists has not in fact made it happen, alas. Am seriously thinking that if there isn't one then there should be. a MULTIHOLMES ONE to allow for the fact that I am having strong urges to write for the Bruce/Rathbone incarnation (they fight nazis! they gaze fondly at each other! they go to CANADA, O Canada!) and maybe idk there are people who want to write for Peter Cushing as Holmes, or TPLOSH.

edited to add an actual link to the signups, also I would like to say this: THE MORE CHALLENGES THE BETTER YAY, that is how I feel right now.
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 YULETIDE! Yuletide! [ profile] yuletide !

I got an AWESOMELY WONDERFUL Feminist Hulk fic! which is so good! SO good. Feminist Hulk's rise, Feminist Hulk's SMASH, Feminist Hulk's vegan cookies, JUDITH BUTLER, just freaking read it, ok, and marvel -

A Day In The Life Of Feminist Hulk, Or, Feminist Hulk: Origins

and THEN! in Yuletide Madness someone wrote me (ME!) a story about the Hark! A Vagrant Holmes and Watson, and Gay Watson, and Stupid Watson, and there is a MYSTERY! and it is HILARITY, and sweetness, and awesomeness also

in case you want to read unspoiled )

A Cunning Plan

as you may be able to gather, I haven't had a chance to read much Yuletide besides my sweet and tasty and delicious gifts, but I have noticed that there are THREE! (3!) Raffles stories this year! which are the first thing I have my beady little eyes set upon, sweet sweet Raffles fic, mmm yeah, consider this a pre-emptive rec for all of 'em.


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